Covid 19 coronavirus: Man climbed Rotorua managed isolation facility fence, taken to hospital

A man has been taken to hospital after attempting to scale a fence at Rotorua’s Ibis Hotel managed isolation facility last night.

About 11.30pm, police and managed isolation security saw a person scaling a 1.8-metre fence into the exercise area at the Rotorua Ibis managed isolation facility, a Managed Isolation and Quarantine spokesman said.

He said staff took immediate action and detained the man, a member of the public, “within seconds”.

The person did not come into contact with any returnee or enter the building, he said.

While inside the exercise area, the man experienced a medical incident and was transferred to hospital by ambulance, he said.

“The security measures in place meant this incident was detected by security and police straight away, meaning any risk to staff or returnees was low,” he said.

“The Medical Officer of Health has deemed this risk to be negligible as the member of the public did not come in contact with any returnee and there has not been a confirmed case of Covid-19 at this facility for over two weeks.”

Police spoke with the man and he was given a formal warning, a police spokeswoman said.

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