Dog ‘left paralysed’ after ‘slipping on poo’ devastating owner

A dog owner has been left devastated after his beloved pet was left paralysed after slipping on dog poo.

Shaun Odinson Hudson, 35, an animation student from Swanley, was out walking his seven-year old dog Winter on Saturday (Dec 11).

He threw the ball for the Labrador to chase, looked down at his phone to change songs, and when he looked up noticed she was lying on her back, MyLondon reports.

Shaun said: "I took my headphones out and heard this awful wailing sound, so sprinted over to help her."

After a few minutes that "felt like forever" for Shaun, Winter managed to get back on her feet but her back legs weren't working.

Her leg was covered in another dog's poo and there was a slide mark where Winter had slipped.

Shaun said: "It was devastating. I can't put into words how much it hurt seeing her like that. She's like a child to me.

"I was wailing, crying profusely, so much so that a neighbour rushed out to see if I was okay. I thought she was going to die."

Not owning a car himself, Shaun called a friend who drove 40 minutes to help put winter in the vehicle and take her to the Queen Mother hospital for small pets in North London.

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An MRI revealed that a piece of a disk had broken off and hit her spinal column at high velocity, severing the contact from the waist down.

Fortunately Winter won’t have to be put down, but she will require intense physio therapy and may not return home to Shaun and his partner before Christmas.

Shaun said: “It’s a very severe injury, she’ll never have the same life again.

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“It’s been the equivalent of grieving, this is the longest we’ve not had her here and just waiting every day to find out how she is.

“The whole thing has been heartbreaking and caused a lot of anxiety. My chest constantly feels tight. I’m sure anyone who has a dog can understand.”

Shaun is expecting to be slapped with a veterinary bill of £7,500.

“Financially, this is the worst possible time for this to happen just before Christmas. We don’t know what we’re going to do,” Shaun said.

His partner works in retail, and Shaun has a student budget, so has set up a GoFundMe to help raise the necessary funds.

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