Family spot UFO hovering over road after thinking it was a star – until it started to MOVE

A FAMILY were left baffled when a "star" appeared in broad daylight and started to move – leading them to believe they witnessed a UFO.

Jay Mitchell, from Hamilton, Illinois, was driving his family near the city of Keokuk, Iowa, when they filmed the eye-popping presence in the air.

In video footage, Mr Mitchell's daughter, 6, can be heard asking if they were witnessing aliens in the sky.

But her mother is heard attempting to reassure her that it's not extra terrestrial life while pondering if it was "a plane or a drone" – despite not knowing themselves.

Speaking of the encounter, Mr Mitchell said: “We noticed it in the sky because it was a huge bright star and we thought it was odd that there was a bright star during daytime.

“It was not moving for a few minutes, but we started filming when it began moving across the sky.”

And father-of-one Mitchell – who is still convinced the object was not a plane – remains uncertain about what he saw hanging overhead.

“As for what it was, I'm not sure,” he continued.

“It definitely was not a plane. It was a few hundred yards in the sky and too low for a large plane.

“I am unsure exactly what it was. It was very big and very bright.”

After sharing his footage online, he was told by several locals that they’d had similar encounters.

One person wrote: “My sister lives close to that area on the Mississippi and she’s been seeing crazy stuff in the skies for the past several months.

“I think there might be something going on in that part of the state.

“Her neighbours come over now and watch the skies with them because they consistently see very strange things.”

Another person in Nauvoo, Illinois, less than 10 miles to the north, said the same, writing: “This is precisely the same chunk of sky my family repeatedly sees strange things in.”

Mr Mitchell, a quality engineer by profession, is keeping an open mind about what his family witnessed.

He added: “As for intelligent life outside of earth, I think that it should be common sense that we can't be the only ones.

“And yes, I think they have visited regularly. There have been reports of strange objects in the sky since the dawn of time.

"They have to be something.”

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