France ‘stopping an attack from abroad every two months’ in stark warning

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French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has issued a sobering assessment of his country’s security landscape, warning of an escalating risk of terrorist attacks meticulously planned on foreign soil.

Minister Darmanin blamed this resurgence on the waning presence of Western forces, notably American and French troops, in volatile regions such as Afghanistan, the Levant, and the Sahel.

Despite these geopolitical shifts, Darmanin stressed that the most imminent threat still emanates from radicalised individuals acting independently within France’s borders.

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Speaking on France 2 on Saturday September 9, the French Minister expressed his deep-seated concerns about the evolving security dynamics.

He cited the dwindling Western military footprint in key regions as a critical factor exacerbating the return of a “projected threat.”

Darmanin said: “What is happening in Afghanistan, what is happening in the Levant, what is happening in Africa, is replenishing the money, the resources to carry out a projected threat.”

Nevertheless, he sought to reassure the public, asserting that France remains vigilant and proactive in averting large-scale attacks akin to the tragic Bataclan incident.

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He acknowledged the prevailing belief that such events were relegated to history but insisted on the critical importance of sustained vigilance.

Nonetheless, the Minister highlighted that the primary terrorist menace now emanates from within France itself.

He added: “It’s very difficult. We stop an attack every two months in France.”

He referred to a “very strong” terrorist threat, and pointed out that “5,800 people were on the files of the Ministry of the Interior who (the authorities) think could carry out a terrorist act”.

In addition to these internal challenges, Minister Darmanin acknowledged the presence of an “ultra-right” threat, comprising individuals of supremacist ideologies. He revealed that French authorities are closely monitoring several dozen individuals from this extremist faction.

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