Hamas chief ‘would carry out Israel October 7 attacks all over again’

A senior Hamas official recently unveiled the strategy behind the October 7, 2023 attack on southern Israel, arguing that the terrorist group would carry out the attack all over again if given the opportunity.

Speaking to Memri TV, Osama Hamdad shed light on the Gaza Strip’s long-term vision and its relentless quest to counteract Arab countries’ normalisation with Israel while safeguarding the Palestinian cause.

Hamdan didn’t mince his words, saying: “This operation was not a momentary step, but rather part of our strategy which is aimed at ending Israel’s attempts to bring an end to the Palestinian cause and to build local alliances that will remove the Palestinian people from history.

“I believe that the greatest achievement of this operation was not just the damage inflicted to the Israeli military and its true image, but also the fact that the operation ended Israel’s ambitions to become a natural entity in the region at the expense of the Palestinian nation.”

The senior Hamas official emphasised that the attack’s objectives went beyond inflicting damage on the Israeli military.

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He said it was a deliberate attempt to dismantle Israel’s ambitions of becoming a dominant regional entity at the expense of the Palestinian population.

When questioned about the potential for the current conflict to escalate into a broader regional war, especially in light of a recent speech by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, Hamdan suggested that no options were off the table.

He sternly warned that Israel would bear the consequences of its actions and aggression, and the extent of the conflict’s expansion would ultimately depend on Israel’s future behaviour.

He said: “I think that all options are on the table, and the matter depends on the behaviour of the [Israeli] enemy. There is no doubt that the enemy must understand that it will pay the price for its actions and its aggression. How broad will this be in scope? That depends on how this enemy behaves.”

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Touching upon Hezbollah’s support for Hamas, Hamdan outlined the nature of the assistance provided by the Lebanese resistance movement. He highlighted the daily clashes with the Israeli occupation in southern Lebanon, which resulted in casualties, impacted families, and temporary displacement.

He said: “There is no doubt that what the resistance and Hezbollah are doing in southern Lebanon is appreciated by the Palestinian people. There are daily clashes [in Lebanon] with the [Israeli] occupation, and there are martyrs. This support is not just a matter of morale – it is real support.

“There are dozens of martyrs, and they have families. There are [also] those who were forced to leave their homes, albeit temporarily. Everything that is happening in Lebanon is part of real support for Palestine on the part of the resistance.”

Hamdan also alluded to ongoing efforts to secure a prisoner exchange with Israel, not only through Qatari mediation but also with the involvement of US envoy Amos Hochstein and former Lebanese Security Directorate chief Gen. Abbas Ibrahim.

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