‘Hefty’ bride roasted by brother in jaw-dropping wedding speech

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The brother of a bride has mocked her in a laugh-a-minute speech at her wedding reception. The “rib-cracking” speech, which went viral on TikTok, having been viewed 7.3million times, was given by Sean, the older sibling of new bride Lindsey.

The speech was centred on the idea that Sean never really wanted a younger sister.

“We first met in the early ’90s. I can’t say I was overly interested in meeting her, but my parents felt I wasn’t enough,” he told the crowd.

“When she was born, she was a big girl. Some would say ‘hefty’. Nine pounds and 10 ounces (4.3kg). They wheeled her out into the hallway, and my first word to her was ‘gross’. We locked eyes and there it started, a sibling rivalry.”

He went on to say Lindsey “knew what made me happy and exactly how to set me off”, and was skilled at getting their parents and grandparents to take her side in any dispute.

Sean said: “My grandparents developed a points system where we would score points for doing good deeds and being good to one another, but this system failed”.

“When a fight was brought to the attention of anyone superior, I had no chance. It literally took video footage for my family to take my side after a fight had broken out.”

After attempting to make Lindsey “look like a terrible person” for three minutes, Sean’s sharp-tongued speech went soft as he swapped his quips for kinder words.

He said: “I’ll have you know she’s not [terrible]. When I think about my sister, I think ‘authentic’. There are not many people like her, and I feel truly blessed to have such an amazing person to grow up with”.

“She’s never afraid to say what she thinks, and she will give her opinion even if it’s not what you want to hear. She kept me in line. She’ll keep [her new husband] Adam in line, and I really don’t know what I would do without my shadow.”

Addressing his new brother-in-law, he said he had “never seen my sister so confident, relaxed, and happy, and to our family that says a lot”.

He went on: “I’m really excited to get to know you better through the years and couldn’t think of a better person to be with Lindsey”.

“On behalf of our family, Adam, welcome, and congratulations to the both of you.”

The video was awash with comments from touched viewers.

One said the kindness Sean showed “brought a tear to my eye”.

Another said: “Hahaha this is great and something my son would say about his sister”.

One simply said: “True sibling love.”

A fourth said: “This is so lovely! I hope my boys treat their little sis like this when they’re older.”

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