Horror footage shows man hurling ‘machete’ and smashing through car mirrors

A man was filmed flashing a "machete" on the street before smashing it onto parked cars outside the residence's homes.

The incident was caught on security camera by the homeowners living on Nuthurst Road in New Moston, Manchester, early last month on September 1.

In the CCTV, the man, who wears a light-coloured hoodie and matching colour jogger pants, turns to a white car parked on the pavement and swings his blade-like object onto the wing mirror.

He walks further down and repeats his action as he raises the blade and hits on the black Range Rover SUV.

The SUV owner, who has asked not to be named, told Manchester Evening News that the family first realised that something had happened after her daughter went out to her car and saw blood on the windscreen.

"My daughter went to get in her Volkswagen Polo and she noticed blood on the windscreen", the woman told the site.

"Forensics came out the take samples but they said they had no match with that blood.

"We saw the CCTV with him with the machete.

"You can clearly see how big that machete is, someone had put on Facebook that same day that someone was doing the same in Failsworth so he could have walked all that way."

The family had to pay a total of £700 to repair both cars and she said another similar incident happened in the past three months.

But she's more concerned about the neighbourhood's safety.

"It's about that someone is walking around with a machete", she said.

"We work hard for the things that we've got it's just frightening to know that that person is walking nearly a mile or two miles with a machete and no one has seen him."

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said in a statement: "Officers received a report on 4 September 2021 that a man had damaged a vehicle with a bladed article on Nuthurst Road, New Moston, sometime in the previous week.

"Officers are reviewing CCTV.

"No arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing."

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