'I hid in a skip under my boyfriend’s dead body during Hamas massacre – it was Russian roulette as to who'd get shot' | The Sun

AN ISRAELI survivor of the Hamas festival massacre was forced to hide under a pile of blood-soaked corpses – including her boyfriend's – to escape detection.

Noam Mazal Ben-David, 27, lay in a skip for three hours after the evil terrorists crossed the Israel border on October 7 and unleashed their brutal assault on innocent civilians.

Her partner David Neman was among dozens slaughtered before her very eyes, as she was shot in the foot and hip in a sick game of "Russian roulette".

The model managed to keep quiet while rapidly losing blood and dealing with the unimaginable grief and shock of witnessing the barbaric murder of her partner.

More than 1,400 men, women, and children were killed – and 242 kidnapped – the day Hamas launched its savage attack on Israel.

Horrified rescuers discovered 260 bodies at the Supernova music festival near Kibbutz Re’im in Israel's western Negev desert.

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Noam and David were two of many who attended, arriving at 6.30am on the day of the bloody assaults to set up Noam's artwork for sale.

They danced with friends while they waited for the festival to begin, singing as loud explosions they believed were fireworks – but were, in actuality, something much more sinister – rang out.

Reality set in as missiles rained down from the sky and a security guard shouted at Noam and David, "Run for your life."

Now recovering in hospital, Noam told Express: "They surrounded us and they just kept shooting, non-stop.

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"I heard one girl scream, 'Please don't take me. Just leave me alone.' But they still kidnapped her. They did terrible, terrible things to her."

As they ran from the festival, Noam and David came across two large steel skip bins and decided to hide inside the one on the left – shortly before the terrorists threw a grenade in the right, killing those in it.

They hid with 14 others for three hours, calling their family and friends in desperation, sharing with them their location, and begging for help.

Time stood still as a person in the skip bin revealed a gunman had spotted their group.

Noam said: "As the Hamas gunmen approached, David took me and threw me to the back of the container telling me to get as deep as I could and to hide.

"One of them jumped inside and yelled 'Allahu Akbar' and a bomb went off, and they started shooting non-stop.

"It was Russian roulette as to who would get a bullet."

Noam cried as she remembered witnessing the gunman shoot David in the chest and a girl lying on top of her in the shoulder, as she herself was hit in the foot and hip.

She kept her eyes closed and her body still, tricking the ruthless terrorists into thinking she was dead.

The Hamas brutes fled, leaving Noam to be discovered by the Israel Defence Forces who administered life-saving aid.

The young artist was one of just four, from a skip bin filled with 16 terrified people, who survived the cruel attack.

Noam's story came to light as horror never-before-seen photographs and video of the festival massacre were published online.

Hundreds of graphic media files "documenting war crimes" by Hamas terrorists against innocent Israelis can now be accessed on a website.

One of the first people to witness the horrifying archives, The Sun's Mike Hamilton, said footage showed faces of joy turn to "pure fear" as civilians at the Supernova festival were gunned down.

He said: "A car park was littered with corpses and endless machine-gun rounds were heard as people fled the horrors."

A brave group of pals who survived the festival massacre described the nightmares they faced as five of their friends were murdered.

Noa and her husband Liav, and Roni and his fiancée, also called Roni, spent seven hours running for their lives and hiding in bushes as terrorists sprayed fleeing crowds with bullets.

Speaking to The Sun in Israel one month after the slaughter, Liav recalled: "It all started at 6.30am. From there, it was a nightmare.

"It was six or seven hours of running, hiding, yelling, people dying, people exploding.

"Terrorists came with automatic weapons from the sky, from the sea with boats, from everywhere. Nobody saw them coming.

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"Every year we have a war with Hamas – but something like this has never happened. They just came to kill."

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