I took kids to UK's 'biggest' Christmas market – it was a complete rip off & I spent a fortune…I've been taken for a mug | The Sun

A MUM has told how she was “taken for a mug” when she took her kids to a Christmas market.

Emma Gill says she apent a fortune on food when she took her three kids to Manchester’s festive zone last weekend.

Running from November 2 to December 24, it is the largest German Christmas market outside of Germany.

This means you can enjoy classics such as schnitzels, bratwursts and steins of beer.

However, last year the market was slammed for its extortionate prices – and it seems they have only gotten higher this year.

Writing for Manchester Evening News, Emma explained: “When I took three kids along for a bite to eat, I wasn't expecting the bill to come to almost £60 – without drinks!



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“The bill for three hot dogs and two portions of chips (one with cheese) came to £30 and then one Yorkshire wrap added another tenner – although it was highly praised as 'the best I've ever tasted'.

“The portions of Dutch Mini Pancakes aren't huge, you get 10 altogether, but we decided to share three portions rather than get one each.

"That added an extra £18. So without even thinking about drinks, it came to £58 altogether.”

On top of that, Emma bought one of her kids a bottle of water for £2 – bringing the total to a whopping £60.

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She claims that the prices have soared since last year.

The mum says a hot chocolate can now set visitors back a steep £7 as the deposit for the collectable mugs has risen from £3 to £3.50.

This charge means you can get your deposit back when you return it – or take it home to keep.

Emma said: "I don't want to be too bah humbug, but I'm not convinced the only mugs are the ones travelling home in visitors' handbags."

Manchester City Council's Christmas spokesperson Pat Karney said: "We don't set the prices on our market stalls and nor could we as we don't know the costs involved in producing the goods on sale.

"Whilst we'll always check out any complaints that are brought to us, it's down to individual traders to set their own prices that reflect their overheads and the quality of what's on offer.

"Stallholders are however obviously subject to the same market forces as other retailers in that if what they're selling is too expensive, customers won't buy their products."

It comes as Birmingham Christmas market is being boycotted over a "ridiculous" beer rule, with critics branding it "over-priced rubbish".

Signs say bars and stalls will only serve "one drink per person", as well as insisting on proof the customer is over 25.

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