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A TERRIFYING hoard of weapons has been removed from UK streets – including "zombie" knives, a medieval flail and massive swords.

Ryan Biddiss, 28, from London, runs his own knife amnesty service – taking terrifying weapons to the nearest police station.

But he's been left terrified by the extreme nature of the cache of weaponry handed in.

Last week a gang of men dropped off a suitcase filled with a sword, combat knives and flails, a handle with a spiked ball attached to a chain.

When he brought the haul to Lewisham police station officers didn't have a knife tube large enough to store it.

He told the Sun: "It was shocking. These weapons should never be on our streets. I was scared to be walking the streets with so many dangerous knives.

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"I'm not immune to the law. It was 11pm at night and I was in black with my hood up. I saw a police van and was terrified I'd be stopped and have to spend a night in a cell."


Ryan started his "Drop The Knife" campaign two years ago after Tamim Ian Habimana, 15, was killed near his home.

"I walked by with my mum as Tamim's mum washed the blood from the pavement and just thought that was enough," Ryan said.

"These knives need to be taken off the streets. People contact me on social media and I arrange to go and collect the weapons."

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In the last two years Ryan has seen hundreds of knives handed over to cops.

He added: "I've had loads of kitchen knives and various utensils. I've had air rifles, zombie blades, machetes and ammunition."

To keep himself safe from arrest, Ryan calls the police ahead of time to let them know where he will be.

He said: "When people contact me I ask for an image of the weapon so I know a safe distance to stand. Then I log it with the police.

"I get a reference number, collect the weapons, then leave the area and tell police where I'll be. I tell them to let the officers in the nearest station know I'm on my way."


His most shocking pick up came last week.

Ryan was contacted by a group who claimed they couldn't provide an image of their haul.

When he got to a dimly lit street corner in Woolwich at 11pm he found a group of men standing at a distance from a suitcase.

He said: "There was a suitcase on the floor. I approached and there was a couple of lads around it.

"They all stood back and I opened the suitcase to look inside.

"It was crazy. There were five or six weapons. This collection was shocking. There were blades in there similar to those carried by one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

Ryan tightened the strap around the outside of the suitcase and headed to Lewisham police station.

He said: "When I picked it up it was 11pm. I was dressed in black with my hood up. As I got up to traffic lights I saw a police van.

"I thought I was going to get arrested. I had an offensive weapon and I'm not above the law. I'm just a citizen.

"All I can do is make sure the suitcase is sealed. The strap was tightened. I just take certain precautions in case I do get called over."

Ryan, a former youth worker, said he feels passionate about making a difference.

He added: "It's helping me helping others."

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "We are aware of Ryan Biddis's work and have provided him with advice, however, there is no official agreement.

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"Londoners play a vital role in helping to stop violent crime and keep their communities safe.

"We would encourage anyone who wants to hand in a knife to do so by handing it in at one of 12 designated police stations across London which are open 24 hours a day."

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