Landlord sparks fury over fingerprint locks used to evict tenants

A US TikTok user has sparked fury after revealing a landlord installed fingerprint door locks so they can kick out tenants who fall behind on their rent.

The hi-tech system means tenants must use the biometric lock, which also creates a big brother style electronic paper trail as it records their activity through their comings and goings.

However, the biggest issue for locals in Illinois is the fear the property owners can leave them homeless at the touch of a button by disabling their fingerprint access.

The lock was shared on TikTok by Jay Megan, who describes herself as a social justice warrior, on her nerdypinkpanda account.

The clip says: “Here is the fingerprint lock they installed to track us…they would lock people out if they were late on rent.”

She also demonstrates how the biometric lock works in the short video as she presses her thumb on the scanner on the door handles to unlock the door.

Her post prompted many users to question the legalities of installing such a lock on a rental property.

One user wrote: “If it was my own house I’d want to be secure (like for myself I mean) But if this was a rental no ways is that legal!!!”

Another commented: “Now they have a record of when I am coming and going? When I’m home and not home? I don’t like anyone knowing that info.”

However, some users praised the idea and saw it as a warning to make sure you ‘pay your bills’.

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The user wrote: “That’s smart! Can you imagine having to pay mortgage on multiple homes and people being able to live there for a year without TRYING to pay?”

Another wrote: “Well, it obviously shows the renters they have to continually work with…if everyone paid on time they wouldn’t need to do it.”

With regards to the legalities of the locks, property attorney Seth Miller told CNET in an article in 2019 that the locks are a ‘weapon'.

He said: “I've seen cases where landlords resort to extreme forms of brute force to force tenants to leave.

"These new technologies are a weapon, and landlords will jump at the chance to use them."

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