Man, 35, wakes up to long-lost brother stabbing him in his bed

Man, 35, who spent 24 years looking for long-lost brother is reunited when he wakes up to discover his sibling stabbing him in his bed

  • Ivo Rabanser, 42, returned after 24 years missing to stab his brother in the chest 
  • Martin Rabanser was in bed with his wife when Ivo surprisingly struck 
  • Ivo allegedly stabbed his brother after bearing a grudge over an old inheritance
  • He had stalked his brother’s house waiting to strike according to lawyers

An Italian man who searched for his missing brother for 24 years found him when he woke up to his sibling stabbing him in his bed.

Martin Rabanser, 35, woke up to his brother, Ivo, 42, coming at him with a large hunting knife, reportedly over a grievance that Ivo had with their father’s inheritance.

Martin is now seriously injured in hospital, according to The Times.

Ivo Rabanser, 42, pictured, returned after 25 years missing to stab his brother in the chest with a large hunting knife

Martin’s lawyer, Nicola Nettis, told reporters: ‘One theory is that Ivo was angry about the terms of their inheritance from their father, which included the house Martin still lives in, and has been nurturing a grudge ever since.

‘But most people handle this through lawyers — they don’t vanish for two decades then show up with a hunting knife.’

According to Ms Nettis, Ivo had returned to the town and camped out in woods near the home waiting for an opportune time to strike.

He entered the home where Martin lives with his wife and child carrying two knives.

After waking him up, Ivo stabbed Martin repeatedly in the chest but stopped short of killing him deliberately, Ms Nettis said.

Martin Rabanser (pictured) woke up to his brother Ivo coming at him, reportedly over a grievance that Ivo had with their father’s inheritance

Ivo also allegedly used pepper spray on Martin’s wife before she fled to call the police.

The brothers had not seen each other for 24 years since the death of their father when Ivo showed at Martin’s house in Selva di val Garden, a part of the Italian Alps.

Police have revealed that Ivo was sleeping rough in Vernoa while utilising the public library to become an expert on literature.

His family had launched several TV appeals to find him after his 1997 disappearance to no avail. 

According to La Stampa, Ivo told police: ‘I felt a huge rage inside towards my brother but I didn’t want to kill him.

‘I stayed alone with him while he was in agony on the bed and I could’ve finished him but instead I went to the kitchen, which is where the police found me.’

Ms Nettis said that while Martin is no longer in danger, stabbing someone in the lung should be considered attempted murder despite Ivo’s reported statements.

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