Meghan Markle and Prince Harry WOULD have pulled bombshell Oprah interview if Prince Philip had died, pal reveals

MEGHAN and Oprah’s close friend has revealed that their explosive interview WOULD have been postponed if Prince Philip’s condition had worsened.

Gayle King, a presenter on CBS, the network which screened the £6.5million sit-down, confirmed that bosses had monitored the health of Prince Harry’s 99-year-old grandfather.

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“They had done that interview before Prince Philip went into hospital and if something, God forbid, had happened to him, the interview would not have run at this particular time,” she said.

“But the interview was done and was scheduled before he went into the hospital.”

Philip yesterday arrived home at Windsor in "good spirits" after his longest ever stint in hospital.

He was admitted to hospital four weeks ago after feeling unwell – going on to have treatment for an infection before having heart surgery two weeks ago.


Speaking on her radio show, morning show host Gayle, 66, Oprah’s best friend, claimed the duchess had been “vilified” and that people had “repeatedly” lied about her.

Gayle – who went to Meghan’s 2019 baby shower in New York – also described how it was “very, very difficult” for her and Harry to speak out against their family.

She said: “I’ve met them on several occasions and spent time with her and Harry. This was very, very difficult for them to do. Very difficult.

“You’re talking about your family, but I think they really wanted people to understand, it had to be really bad for you to leave your country – in Harry’s case, leave your family.

“Meghan went there with full intentions of this was going to be her life and she looked forward to that.

“But when people repeatedly lie when you are totally vilified and you are not protected even though you are told you will be protected.

“And then you’re told you can’t speak up on your own behalf – that’s just nuts.

“Harry and Meghan both have been through so much for the past three years and they really have tried to work it out privately.

"They really have tried to get help and nothing was working.”

Gayle also stuck up for Meghan, 39, after she claimed to Oprah that William's wife Kate had made her cry – not the other way round.

Speaking to a caller on her show, she added: “Well I think part of the problem, as Meghan explained, she was vilified for making Kate cry when really the opposite was true.

“So how would you feel if you had been blamed for something?”

Oprah even attempted to FaceTime Gayle when she was presenting her radio show – but hung up once she realised her friend was on-air.

Gayle said the chat show queen was “not talking” about the interview – after confessing to her that Meghan and Harry “came to play” which made the chat box office.

She added: “I asked Oprah Winfrey to come on this program. And guess what?

"She politely declined. She said she is not talking about this.

“The interview has been done, she’s not talking about this at this particular time, but I did ask. I just wanted you to know I did ask.

“She told me when it was over that she believed it was the best interview that she had ever done and later she said it wasn’t because of me,.

"It was because of them that they were so forthcoming, that they came to play.”

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