New mystery 'Banksy' pops up in Norfolk just days after multiple others appear across Britain

A MYSTERY Banksy-like mural has popped up in Norfolk just days after others appeared in nearby towns.

The findings have sparked rumours the notoriously elusive street artist has been on a summer spray spree.

Locals in Cromer, north Norfolk, found the artwork stencilled onto a wallnear the coastal town's beach.

It shows a crab with a shell on their back holding a placard saying "Luxury Rentals Only" towards three crabs with no shells.

The graffiti appears to be in Banksy's trademark style and could be the latest in a recent run.

Sue Edwards, from Holt, who spotted the stencilled painting near beach huts, told the Eastern Daily Press: "I didn't really take much notice of it at first.


"Then I looked at it more closely and thought 'that's interesting'.

"Knowing there had been possible Banksy visits further around the coast I thought maybe he was working his way around."

Several other suspected Banksy works have appeared along the east coast recently.

Although none are verified many suspiciously like his work and have 'messages' similar to his political stance.

One at an amusement arcade in Torquay showed a barefoot little boy scrawling the word 'Disney' on a wall.

Knowing there had been possible Banksy visits further around the coast I thought maybe he was working his way around

Staff at the Golden Palms arcade have scoured the internet to confirm if it's the work of the mysterious spray paint celebrity.

Sarah Rainbird, supervisor at the Golden Palms arcade in Cary Parade, said:"We’re all hoping it’s genuine.

“We have tried looking on Banksy’s website but there hasn’t been anything on there about it.”

Last week, another potential Banksy mural was found in a Suffolk park, but it is yet to confirmed by the artist as his own.


The painting shows three children wearing paper hats with the words "we're all in the same boat" scrawled above.

And a mural in Great Yarmouth showed a couple dancing on top of a bus stop while another showed a child playing a sandpit.

Banksy fans will be keeping an eye on his Instagram account to see if any of the pieces of art are his.

Earlier this year, Banksy raised more than £16 million for health projects after auctioning a painting offering an "image of hope".

Game Changer appeared at Southampton Hospital during the first wave of the pandemic.

The anonymous graffiti artist auctioned the original canvas, with the reproduction of the work remaining in the hospital.

The painting fetched £16.7 million, which is a world auction record for the artist, according to Christie's.

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