New York updates investigation into Trump Organisation from civil to criminal probe

The New York Attorney-General’s office says that its investigation of the Trump Organisation “is no longer purely civil in nature”.

“We are now actively investigating the Trump Organisation in a criminal capacity, along with the Manhattan DA,” a spokesman told CNN.

The Attorney-General office’s investigation into the Trump Organisation has been underway since 2019.

Trump organisation representatives did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Former US president Donald Trump has previously called the New York Attorney-General’s investigation politically motivated.

For the past two years New York Attorney-General Letitia James’ office has looked into matter including whether or not the Trump Organisation improperly inflated assets on financial statements to secure loans and obtain economic and tax benefits, as well as how Trump Organisation employees were compensated.

Investigators there have deposed multiple Trump Organisation officials, including Eric Trump and Allen Weisselberg, the Chief Financial Officer.

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