OnlyFans bodybuilder left ‘disabled’ after being battered with bar stool

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    An OnlyFans bodybuilder is suing the owners of a now-defunct bar after he was battered with a metal stool in a brawl that left him disabled.

    CCTV footage showed Clinton Chadwick, who was thought to be earning more than £57,000 through the website, being repeatedly hit on the head by another man at the Bondi Beach bar in Sydney, Australia.

    The bodybuilder is suing the owners of The Bucket List for failing to prevent the assault which knocked him unconscious.

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    The North South Wales Supreme Court heard that the incident took place on December 22, 2017, when Mr Chadwick got involved in a row with Stephen Martin.

    Martin, who was shown sitting at a table when approached by Mr Chadwick, told the court: "He was being rude and I said, ‘Let’s go outside and sort it out then'."

    The video showed Mr Chadwick shoving Mr Martin, who then grabbed a metal stool, hitting his assailant twice.

    The court previously heard that Mr Chadwick was left unconscious by the attack, which he claimed left him with physical and mental injuries.

    He admitted he could not remember how many drinks he had consumed before he got to the bar but conceded it was at least five litres of beer.

    Martin was convicted and jailed over the assault, the court was told, and the bodybuilder now blames the bar for breaching its duty of care by not preventing the assault.

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    Mr Chadwick is suing the bar for payment for medical bills, past and future financial loss and compensation for his physical injuries.

    His mother told the court her son had been "struggling" since the brawl and she had been forced to get another job to assist him, saying that he "used to be huge in social media" but not any more.

    The tattooed bodybuilder had applied for a disability pension a few years ago, the court heard. The hearing continues.


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