OnlyFans model says ‘nice try’ as she brutally shrugs off free trial request

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A model covered in tattoos had her TikTok followers in stitches over her brutal response to an OnlyFans request.

Crystal Ship Kelly is not afraid to call out comments on her TikTok channel followed by 313,000 people.

One of her fans should have known that when they put in a cheeky request to get free access to the Brit's exclusive online content.

Crystal replied to the plea in a new video which mocked the suggestion that she would let someone see her X-rated snaps, just because they have followed her on social media for a while.

Looking unimpressed the neck-tattooed star shared the comment: "Iv been following you for ages . Could I get a free trial to your on1yphanz"

Captioning the clip with the same soundtrack of "Ermmmm", Crystal glances up to the side before slowly blinking and dismissively shaking her head.

To add to the humiliation, she added the hashtags #nope and #nicetry.

While one follower appeared to empathise with the question, dozens more cracked up with laughter in the comments.

The sole supporter said: "You have to try before you buy."

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But it is fair to say everyone else sided with Crystal.

One supporter wrote: "No way woman has to make bank no freebies here!!"

Crystal replied: "Exactly"

Another commented: "Why even ask"

One follower looked bewildered by the audacity of the question, they said: "Sometimes I just wonder!"

"Lol….too funny," and "pay for that s***," were two more funny reactions.

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This is not the first time Crystal has hit back at fans on TikTok as last year she was told her ram skull tattoo looked like something else from a certain perspective.

When Crystal was wearing high waisted jeans, the animal's horns on either side of her belly button apparently resembled woman's legs spread wide open.

After initially mocking the suggestion she later conceded that she could see where they were coming from.

A fan commented: "I am confused is there a belly button or p****?"

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Crystal replied: "You're confused? So you don't know the difference between a belly button and a ….? Yeah you're single ain't ya."

Responding in a second video captioned "I mean they would be some UGLY a** legs but I see it, thanks for that!" Crystal pulled her jeans up to recreate the same view of the tattoo.

She said: "I really don't get it. You can tell that it's a skull?" Oh f***, for f*** sake," Crystal laughed as she looked closer.

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