Prince William’s favourite hobby ‘frightens the life’ out of the Queen

When the royals aren’t travelling the world, meeting celebrities and politicians or on national TV, they enjoy hobbies like the rest of us.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are Game of Thrones fans and Prince Philip enjoys truffle hunting.

Even little Prince George enjoys ballet dancing.

Yet there is one hobby the Queen doesn’t approve of and it just so happens to be Prince William’s favourite pastime.

Prince William has long been a fan of motorbikes, he famously drive around London the night before his wedding in 2011.

He told the Express then: “I don’t know what it is about bikes, but I’ve always had a passion for motorbikes ever since I was very small. I used to do a lot of go-karting when I was younger and then after that I went on to quadbikes and eventually motorbikes.”

Prince William added: “It does help being anonymous with my motorcycle helmet on because it does enable me to relax. But I just enjoy everything about motorbikes and the camaraderie that comes with it.”

The Duke of Cambridge has been an avid biker since he passed his test at 19, and has owned a number of bikes – including a 1199cc Ducati.

The Queen however doesn’t agree, with royal photographer James Whitaker claiming that it “frightens the life” out of her.

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But Prince William has revealed that he is “toning down” his biking because of his own family.

When he visited the Isle of Man TT Race in 2018, he said: “I’m a father of three; I have to tone it down.”

The Duchess of Cambridge is not a fan of his obsession either, previously admitting it “fills her with horror”.

In 2015, she admitted: “I'm terrified. Hopefully, I'm going to keep George off it.”

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