Pro-Palestine protesters DEFY orders to not disrupt Chanel fashion

Manchester locals DEFY orders to not disrupt Chanel fashion show by holding pro-Palestine rally outside catwalk and singing karaoke around the corner – as they mock organisers for picking ‘the rainiest city’ in Britain

Manchester locals have defied police orders not to disrupt Chanel’s fashion tonight, holding a pro-Palestine rally outside the highly-anticipated catwalk and blaring karaoke from nearby pubs.

Famous faces from all around the world descended onto the unassuming street in the Northern Quarter of the city despite a furious uproar from residents and local businesses.

Those living on Thomas Street had been asked by the French fashion house to dim their lights not to walk on their balconies while models strutted down the runway.

But as celebrities gathered under the temporary canopy for the glitzy event, just metres away protesters chanted ‘Free Palestine’ and waved flags as they called for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza strip.

Steps away punters gathered into the nearby Millstone Pub wearing Father Christmas hats and blasting the Lady in Red, pushing back pints. 

Others mocked the show for choosing the rainiest city in the UK for its Métiers d’Art Christmas show, with one writing on social media: ‘Manchester is inevitably also experiencing a biblical rain at the event.’

Famous faces descended onto Thomas Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter tonight to watch models strut down the catwalk

There was some disruption to the event, with a pro-Palestine rally being held just metres away 

In the nearby Millstone Pub – a short walk away from the event – locals crammed into the establishment pushing back pints and singing karaoke 

Another added: ‘Pleased to see the Manchester weather is delievering the real deal for Chanel: p***ing rain’. Though it be December, hardly surprising.’ 

As the after-party got underway at the Victoria Baths on the other side of the city, neighbours gathered on the street, with one woman wearing a dressing gown reportedly shouting ‘what the hell is going on?’.

A huge police presence was seen surrounding the party as blacked out cars carrying the likes of Hugh Grant and Olivia Atwood arrived. 

Grant, who took time away from his promotional tour of his latest film Wonka, attended the event with glamaorous wife Anna Elizabet Eberstein. 

In recent years, celebrity regulars at the Metiers d’Art have included Pharrell Williams, Lily-Rose Depp and Kristen Stewart – who was earlier snapped out and about in Manchester. 

Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and the Beckhams were among the fashion icons also expected at this evening’s event, which experienced several hitches in its run-up.

Business owners on the street expressed concerns over profit after Chanel paid them to shut for the day – but they fear the reimbursement will not cover the losses they will suffer from missing out on a day’s custom.

One business, a sex shop on Thomas Street, has also taken the opportunity to mercilessly mock Chanel and one of the show’s rumoured attendees, Kim Kardashian – joking that they stock the infamous sex tape she made with her ex boyfriend.

As backlash built against Chanel yesterday, one resident said: ‘We were told not to go on our balconies and to keep our curtains shut during the show. It was more or less: ‘We strongly suggest you don’t go on your balcony or if you have lights on in your home close the curtain.’

He said he began receiving letters about the fashion show around three weeks ago.

‘We’ve had a handful of letters which have been like a drip feed of information because they want to keep it on the down low even though everyone knows it’s a Chanel show’, he added.

Within the letters he says event dates were given and residents were warned the area was set to become ‘very active’ from Monday, December 4. 

The street was covered in a canopy to protect those watching the event from the rain 

Locals mocked the French fashion house for choosing the rainiest city in the UK to host its highly-anticipated show 

Hugh Grant took time away from his promotional tour of his latest film Wonka as he attended Chanel’s Metiers d’Art show in Manchester on Thursday with his wife Anna Elisabet Eberstein

Chanel’s signature tweed was a prominent part of the showcase 

When asked about the transformation of Thomas Street, he said: ‘It’s a lot of money spent on basically a glorified canopy. 

‘If they leave it up that will be really good for the businesses during winter time and if there’s heating and stuff that would be great. I feel like it’s a little over zealous but it’s cool it’s not happening in London or somewhere like that.’

A manager of a bar on nearby High Street, said they have suffered reduced footfall due to people assuming the businesses in the area are shut in the lead up to the event.

He said: ‘It looks closed unless you’re coming from Edge Street. We’ve had to change our entrance. On Saturday (December 3) I would say we were a couple of grand down.’

The manager said the business has been compensated for the days it has been told to close [Wednesday and Thursday] but worries the amount given may not cover the total losses incurred.

Just a few doors down from the runway sex shop Love Boutique put up a poster on their front door which mocks Kim Kardashian’s sex tape from 2007.

The sign reads: ‘Kim Kards homemade DVD sold here. Can you resist anything but temptation?

The after-party will be held at the Victoria Baths in the city, as famous faces continue the evening 

A sex shop close to the site where the Chanel show will take place has mocked Kim Kardashian and Chanel ahead of the show

The stage is set for The Chanel Metiers d’Art Fashion Show which will be held this evening in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

Thomas Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is preparing for the show and has been closed for two weeks already

Locals have complained about the disruption in the area as works are carried out to prepare for the show

Stars descended on to the street in Manchester earlier today for the Chanel show (pictured: Chanel in Bond Street)

‘Sponsored by Chanelle. The parrot, not the brand’ – making a reference to a viral video from 2020 in which an African Grey Parrot called Chanelle went missing and her owner desperately called for her return.

The store advertises a range of ‘lotions,’ ‘potions’ and ‘poppers’ on the shop front.

Chanel’s show, which has previously been held in ‘fashion capital’ cities like London and Paris, is being held in Manchester this year due to its cultural links.

The Chanel website describes the city in the north west as, ‘one of the most effervescent cities of pop culture and an avant-garde one, whose bands, spanning all genres, have changed the history of music.’

The after party for the event will be held at the city’s Victorian Baths. 

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