‘Putin’s limp arm keeps changing’ as Ukraine doubles down on body double claim

Claims that Russian despot Vladimir Putin is using a body double continue to swirl as one expert says a recent public appearance proves it.

It has often been thought that Putin employs an actor to appear at certain events instead of him – for protection or to hide alleged illnesses.

During a recent appearance in Vladivostok, it was thought that the real Putin did appear, but didn't move one of his arms as it was “limp”.

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And top Ukrainian plastic surgeon Dmytro Slosser said, in conversation with Turkey's Kanal 24 TV: “The fact that Putin has a double felt like a conspiracy theory a year or two ago, now hardly anyone doubts it.”

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He drew attention to the way Putin often appears to have a limp arm, but sometimes it is his left arm, and other times his right.‌

“His left arm swung freely as he walked on arrival in his presidential jet in Vladivostok.

“I gathered a couple of videos, one from Tehran in July 2022, where we can see that his right arm is indeed numb.”

Last week Putin met Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and “it looks like his left arm is numb,” the expert added.

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He said: “I’ve been watching a video where a person naming himself Putin is gesticulating so actively with the right hand, which is not at all typical for him.”‌

“This was recently in Tver region – it’s only his right arm working, he is almost not using his left arm – and this is not a mirror reflection.”‌

The expert went on to claim that sometimes Putin looked “fresh” and other times ailing, amid speculation the real Russian leader may be seriously ill.‌

He suspected “the real Putin is the one who does look poorly indeed, and the fresh-looking one is a double”.‌

The claims come after Ukraine ’s military intelligence chief Lt-Gen Kyrylo Budanov said that the real Putin has not been seen in public for more than a year.

He said: ““The one, who everyone used to know, was last seen around 26 June 2022.”

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