Scientists explain how time travel could be possible – but only in one direction

Scientists seem to be closing in on developing time travel – though have caught a major snag when realising which direction they cannot go.

It would seem the journeys back in time to change the course of history are off the table as new research shows heading back in time as Marty McFly did in Back to the Future is impossible. Not just because DeLorean's are hard to come by, but because the fabric of time simply does not bend in this way.

Hold out hope for trips to the future, though, which boffins are yet to rule out as they have with heading back into the highlights of history.

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Ruling out the concept of heading back in time is not the news anyone wishes to hear, but scientists did indeed confirm the development. A new study says light and its relationship to objects is to blame for never being able to head back to the past.

Assistant professor Matias Koivurova from the University of Eastern Finland published their findings which has seemingly answered how we relay light around objects.

Koivurova said: "Basically, I found a very neat way to derive the standard wave equation in 1+1 dimensions. The only assumption I needed was that the speed of the wave is constant. Then I thought to myself: what if it’s not always constant? This turned out to be a really good question."

Fellow boffin Marco Ornigotti has said the "very famous" debate has since caused some "controversy", Indy100 reported. They now believe there is a chance of a 'proper time' which means we can only travel forward in time.

Study lead Professor Ornigotti said: "There is this very famous debate in physics, which is called the Abraham-Minkowski controversy. The controversy is that when light enters a medium, what happens to its momentum? Minkowski said that the momentum increases, while Abraham insisted that it decreases.

"We found that we can ascribe a ‘proper time’ to the wave, which is entirely analogous to the proper time in the general theory of relativity."

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