Shoppers 'astounded' by thinning grocery store supplies: 'It's just empty shelves'

WATCH NOW: Americans ‘astounded’ by thinning grocery store supplies: ‘it’s just empty shelves’

Shoppers in Washington, D.C. react to empty shelves and product shortages at grocery stores.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Empty shelves and thinning groceries and drug supplies are reminiscent of March 2020, Washington, D.C., shoppers told Fox News Digital. 

“It’s like a Soviet store during 1981. It’s horrible,” one man said.

“Honestly, it looks like March of 2020, when everybody was stockpiling and the shelves were bare,” another man, Dominic, told Fox News Digital. 


Grocery shoppers across the country have encountered barren shelves when looking for their typical supplies due to supply chain snafus, increasing COVID-19 infections and related hurdles as well as severe winter weather.

“It’s just a domino effect. I mean, just complete total domino effect,” Dominic said. “It’s kind of scary.”

Larry, another D.C. shopper, told Fox News: “Whatever it is, I know they need to hurry up and get this straightened out because people will be starving. It’s going to get rough if it keeps on continuing like that.” 

Multiple shoppers rattled off a litany of groceries they couldn’t find, ranging from milk to beverages to produce.

“Everything, meat, egg, dairy, certain breads were out, most vegetables, it was all fresh items,” one man said as he left a Giant grocery store.

Empty shelves at a grocery store in Washington, D.C.

Produce shelves sit vacant as winter storms and supply chain snafus slow the delivery of new groceries.

Another woman, Megan, told Fox News that her friend warned her not to shop at a local Trader Joe’s due to a lack of food. 

“I also had a friend who came before me and said, don’t even bother coming in. They don’t have any trucks. Nobody’s been able to get what they need,” Megan said. 

A freezer sits empty at a grocery store in Washington, D.C.

Another shopper, Howard, told Fox News Digital: “It was the emptiest I’ve ever seen at Trader Joe’s. That’s the kind of thing that happens these days.”

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