Strip Harry and Meghan of their titles now – or risk yet more havoc

RICHARD EDEN: Harry and Meghan are doing huge damage to the Monarchy. STRIP them of their titles now – or risk yet more havoc

  • The Sussexes ‘knew their claims of royal racism would damage the crown’
  • They are yet to speak out against ‘cheerleader’ Omid Scobie and his new book 
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Harry and Meghan should be stripped of their titles as Duke and Duchess of Sussex to prevent further damage to the monarchy, according to Richard Eden.

Writing in the latest edition of his Palace Confidential newsletter, the Daily Mail’s Diary Editor says the Sussexes must have known their claims about ‘royal racism’ would wreak havoc.

Rishi Sunak’s government should support efforts by to remove the dukedom, he writes, should strip Harry from his role as Counsellor of State – which allows him to stand-in for the King in some circumstances – and remove Harry and his children from the line of succession.

The existing state of affairs is ‘an insult to the British people,’ he concludes.

Prince Harry arrives for the Coronation of his King Charles III at Westminster Abbey. Tory backbencher Bob Seely says Harry should be stripped of his Dukedom – and Richard Eden agrees

The quartet leading the Monarchy: Queen, King, Prince and Princess of Wales pose ahead of this year’s annual diplomatic reception

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex talk to a global audience on the Oprah show. Were their comments about ‘royal racists’ deliberately aimed at damaging the Monarchy?

‘The very idea of Harry and Meghan on the throne is enough to threaten the Monarchy.’

The Duke of Sussex has this week challenged an existing government decision to strip him off his security when he and his family visit Britain.

‘Yet that is not the only entitlement of which he and the Duchess of Sussex should be stripped,’ says Eden.

‘The latest episode in the couple’s shameful sojourn overseas has seen them fail to say a word since their most outspoken cheerleader, Omid Scobie, dragged the names of King Charles and the Princess of Wales through the mud.

‘They were identified as the so-called “racist royals” who, according to Prince Harry and Meghan, discussed the likely skin colour of their son, Prince Archie.

‘As they clearly intended when they gave their explosive interview to Oprah Winfrey, Harry and Meghan are doing huge damage to the Monarchy.

‘With their lurid claims of “racism” now given a new lease of life, they are likely to continue wreaking more havoc if firm action is not taken now.’

Eden says the Government should back the parliamentary efforts of the Tory MP Bob Seely who, as revealed in The Mail on Sunday, is attempting to strip them the duke and duchess of their titles.

‘The titles were a wedding present from Queen Elizabeth when she thought they would be working members of “The Firm”, continues Eden.’

‘Her Majesty would never have dreamed of giving them such titles now they are using them for commercial benefit in the USA.

Queen Elizabeth takes a quizzical look at the bride. Meghan’s wedding to Harry was her second – but she wore white

The Duchess and Duke of Sussex with their first-born son, Archie, now styled Prince Archie. Richard Eden says that Harry and his children should be removed from the line of succession

Omid Scobie was once thought to be close to the Sussex camp. The Dutch version of his new book, Endgame, alleged that Charles and Kate had been named as ‘royal racists’

‘The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, should explain to the King that the couple are damaging the Monarchy.

‘Harry should also be stripped of his role as Counsellor of State: the idea of him standing in for the King is an insult to the British people.

‘And he and his two children should lose their positions as fifth, six and seventh in the line of succession.’

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