The ridiculously pretty little island named the friendliest country in the world

25 Amazing Caribbean Islands That You Wish You Could Visit

The Caribbean is a popular choice among holidayers who have either saved some cash or have reached their retirement.

Luscious beaches, sandy coasts, good food and rich culture combine for unforgettable experiences and countless stories for those back home.

There is a long list of names of the islands that have become a hit among Brits: Antigua, Grand Cayman, Saint Marin, Jamaica, and Barbados.

However, there is one that offers something different and many may not have heard of.

Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, Dominica is said to be a hidden gem of the Caribbean whose people welcome any visitors with open arms.

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So friendly is the island nation that Condé Nast Traveller named it as their number one friendliest country in the world, according to a survey of readers.

Often called the “Nature Island” thanks to its ancient rainforests, flawless beaches, hot springs, dramatic coastline and colourful hamlets, Dominica is the full package.

Exploration is encouraged with easy access roads and trails that crisscross the island, and there’s plenty to see from the commercial capital of Roseau to the mountainside villages like Scotts Head.

Europeans first found Dominica when Christopher Columbus spotted it during his second voyage to the Americas in 1493.

He called it Dominica because he saw it on a Sunday — Dominica being the Latin for ‘Sunday’.

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Before Europeans arrived, the Carib people inhabited the island. While, at first, they were left to live in peace they were later forced to share their home with the French, who brought the first enslaved people from West Africa. The island was later collonised by the British.

After Dominica came Fiji, the South Pacific island in which the word ‘bula!’ means hello and also life, and is said to anyone and everyone from friends to passing strangers.

In third place came the southern African nation of Namibia, famed for its sprawling desert plains and one of the continent’s most popular tourist destinations.

After that comes another country in the southern part of the African continent: Botswana. People there pride themselves on hospitality and bask in the bountiful supply of wildlife that has helped a booming eco-tourism industry.

In fifth is Cambodia, popular among backpackers on a shoestring budget, and home to some of the most spectacular natural and holy sites anywhere in Southeast Asia.

Sixth place is given to Lebanon, a country known for its good food and kind spirit, where no town or city is more than a two-hour drive from the capital Beirut, often described as the Paris of the Middle East.

After that is New Zealand, then Tanzania in Africa, and finally Ireland — Europe’s only entry in the top ten.

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