Thug beat up girlfriend after she threw chicken burger at him in row over phone

A thug has brutally beaten up his girlfriend after she threw a chicken burger at him in a row over his phone.

Shurn Hall left the poor woman with permanent damage to her eye in the shocking attack that took place in his home on February 12 in Blyth, Northumberland.

Newcastle Crown Court heard she was left with multiple facial fractures, a blood clot behind her eye and is likely to have permanent issues with double vision.

Despite this, Hall refused to get her the medical help she needed, instead leaving the flat, Chronicle Live reports.

Jessica Slaughter, prosecuting, said: "An argument began because she wanted to use his phone and he would not let her, which made her think he had something to hide."

She left his home but it was snowing and cold so she returned and asked to use his phone to call a taxi, which he refused.

Miss Slaughter said: "They continued to argue and she threw a chicken burger at him and slapped him across the face.

"He then came up behind her and threw several punches at her head. She tried to defend herself with her hands to her head. He threw more than 10 punches while she covered her head.

"He then stopped the flurry of punches and she lowered her hands. He then hit her with a blow directly at her face with extreme force. She saw a flash of light and felt intense pain and there was blood dripping from her eye.

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"She was staggering around saying she couldn't see and she asked him to call an ambulance, which he refused to do.

"He did nothing to help her. She was in extreme pain and struggling to see."

In a victim impact statement, the woman said: "I feel I will never be good enough for anybody and I don't know if I will ever be able to trust another man again. I feel emotionally and physically drained. I have had to wear special glasses and I'm unable to drive.

"I'm young and my appearance means a lot to me. My left eyeball won't look down which has left me with what I call a bong eye.

"I've lost all confidence and this assault has had a massive impact on my young life and I would go as far as saying it's ruined it."

Hall, who has 31 previous convictions, originally admitted he caused the injury, before then claiming she had fallen downstairs.

He eventually pleaded guilty to GBH with intent and was jailed for five years and four months, whilst also being given a 10 year restraining order.

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