When Britain emerges from pandemic we need rocket boosters on economy — NOT tax rises

Cut taxes, Rishi

WE don’t envy Rishi Sunak his task, faced as he is with the colossal cost of Covid, spiralling national debt and an economy in urgent need of a V-shaped recovery.

Received wisdom has it that his Budget in March will inevitably include tax rises to plug the gap.

Businesses hit with more corporation tax, the self-employed whacked on National Insurance, capital gains tax up too.

There is even talk of replacing council tax, a mammoth task and a potential political nightmare surely better left until after Covid has been defeated.

But Mr Sunak must instead deliver tax cuts.

Highly taxed economies such as France’s grow much more slowly.

When Britain does emerge from the pandemic we will need rocket boosters on our economy — not the dead weight double-whammy of tax rises and massive public spending.

Extending the stamp duty holiday, not axing it, would be a welcome boost to hard-up young families and give them more money to spend elsewhere.

This will be the Chancellor’s first real opportunity to shape our future.

He has to show us what kind of Tory he really is.

Jabby holidays

BREXIT Britain is streets ahead of the rest of Europe in vaccination.

And there is increasing evidence we may emerge from the pandemic before our Continental neighbours as a result

NHS chief executive Sir Simon Stevens says we are already outstripping the intended target of September to give the life-saving jab to all over-18s.

Such is the success so far that all adults could even be vaccinated as early as July, raising hopes we can enjoy a safe summer holiday.

Ironically, part of that victory is based on Britain making a mass order for a new French vaccine.

EU couldn’t make it up!

Keep Hamza out

ABU Hamza is a vicious terrorist who openly promoted murder via hate-filled sermons on London’s streets.

The last Labour government indulged him for years.

No surprise, then, that the hook-handed monster will use any ruse to get back here from the US where he was finally deported after a long Sun campaign.

We are encouraged by American prosecutors rubbishing his claims of being vulnerable to Covid.

We hope US judges are equally resolute.

But given the return just days ago of Osama Bin Laden’s former aide Adel Abdel-Bary, using the same excuse, we fear the worst.

Hamza inspired a host of young Islamist radicals to become terrorists.

He deserves no one’s mercy.

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