Who is David Perdue's wife Bonnie?

DAVID and Bonnie Perdue have been married for more than four decades.

Bonnie has been by her husband's side as he attempts to retain his Senate seat in Georgia.

Who is Bonnie Perdue?

Bonnie Perdue is a former school teacher who has been married to her lawmaker husband for more than 40 years.

The couple first met when they were in the first grade and they live in Glynn County, Georgia.

They have two sons and three grandsons.

What has Bonnie Perdue said about her husband?

During a rally last year Bonnie said her husband was a "man of integrity."

"David always makes not the popular choice, but the choice that he knows in his heart to be the right choice," she said, according to her husband's campaign website.

"His entire life has prepared him for this moment and this fight. And we are all in, just like you are.”

She continued: “During David’s business career he created tens of thousands of American jobs, and in the Senate, he has worked to grow the economy and to change the direction of our country for the better.

Bonnie would add: "As you know, Democrats want to take us down a destructive path with their radical agenda and ideas, which have proven to fail everywhere they’ve been tried.

“If we lose the Senate and Chuck Schumer becomes the majority leader, we won’t recognize America; it will become a different country.

"We are literally fighting for our freedoms, our principles, and our values."

What did she say about schools and the coronavirus crisis?

Perdue wrote about how to keep students safe in the Gwinnett Daily Post.

"In normal years, parents would be worrying right now about buying school supplies, and kids would be dreading the end of their summer vacations," she wrote in August of 2020.

"Yet this isn’t a normal year; due to Covid-19, parents and students are worried about whether it’s safe to go back into classrooms at all."

She said that the coronavirus left parents and officials with difficult decisions to make about what to do.

"All of us want students back in school eventually, but as a grandmother, I want to make sure my grandkids are absolutely safe when school starts," she wrote.

Her article promoted her husband's proposed SCHOOL Act, which aimed to give parents as much information as possible about what is going on in the schools.

When is the Georgia Senate runoff?

Four candidates made their final push before the crucial Georgia Senate runoff, which will take place on January 5.

Perdue, who was elected to a six-year Senate term after winning election in 2014, is in a tight race against Democrat Jon Ossoff.

GOP Senate incumbent Kelly Loeffler faces a challenge from Reverend Raphael Warnock.

Joe Biden and President Donald Trump campaigned in Georgia ahead of the election, which will determine which party controls the Senate chamber.

If Democrats win both runoffs, they get 50 seats overall and a majority on January 20 with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris breaking a 50-50 tie.

If Republican win either seat, they will hold the Senate majority.

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