Who let the dogs out – Pooches trapped by catastrophic volcano saved by ‘A-team’

A group of dogs who were left stranded after a volcanic eruption hit the Canary Islands have been rescued by a heroic squad dubbed the A-team.

When La Palma's volcanic eruption hit headlines in recent weeks, safety efforts turned to helping some dogs who were trapped inside two empty water tanks which were surrounded by red-hot lava.

In the first case of its kind, a group of residents took matters into their own hands and sought permission to help save the dogs by using drones after watching them starve for several weeks.

Jaime Pereira, CEO of drone operator Aerocamaras, told Reuters how he planned to send a 50 kg drone equipped with a wide net to try to capture the dogs, one by one, and fly them to safety.

"It's the first time an animal is being rescued with a drone and the first time it has to be captured," he said at the time.

But as the drones set out to rescue the helpless animals on Wednesday- they had discovered that they had disappeared, leaving only a note behind signed by the A-Team, reports IFL Science.

The mysterious note, referenced the 1980s TV series which saw a fictional team of ex-special forces soldiers saving citizens from different scenarios whilst on the run from the police.

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The drone was equipped with thermal cameras to help locate the dogs but during the search, only human footprints could be found.

The next day a video was posted online which filmed a banner inside the tanks that read: "Stay strong La Palma! The dogs are fine," signed "The A-Team".

While people have questioned whether the fictional characters could be the real masterminds behind the puzzling event – the sign also featured spray-painted "bullet holes" to further build its case by referencing the opening credits.

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