Woman miraculously escapes death after car completely flattened under lorry

A 46-year-old woman "miraculously" dodged death after sustaining only minor injuries when her car was run over by a massive semi-truck.

Police were called to reports of a woman stuck inside her Nissan Altima after being involved in a major crash on the Skagit River Bridge in Mount Vernon, Virginia, on Tuesday morning.

Shocking photos show how a truck collided with the car and with extreme force pushed it forward into another vehicle which saw her car run over by the semi-truck.

"When troopers arrived, we could still hear a person inside the car," Trooper Rocky Oliphant told Fox 13.

"That person was able to get out of the car and walk out themselves.

"It is beyond words to describe how somebody was able to walk away from that car."

The driver was rushed to a nearby hospital but had only reported feeling a minor rib and head injury, reports Daily Mail.

Oliphant said he had never witnessed anything like it with more than a decade worth of service.

He said on Twitter: "There’s really not a word to describe this collision. Miraculously believed to be minor injuries.

"The car was struck from behind, folded the car in half, and semi came to rest on top of the car. In my 14 year career, I have never seen anything like it."

It has been reported that a tow truck was called to the scene to remove the semi-truck from the car while the woman remained inside.

Officials raced against the clock as motion on the bridge was causing the semi-truck to shake as it was stationed on top of the Nissan.

The rescue comes after historic flooding and landslides over the weekend caused mounts of traffic to build up following the treacherous conditions from record rainfall in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.

The National Weather Service has issued flood warnings for a number of rivers in the Western Washington area until late Wednesday, which has seen heavy rainfall for around a week.

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