World War 3: China simulated missile attacks on US aircraft carrier during Taiwan raid

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The simulated attack came three days after Joe Biden’s inauguration. The report came from US intelligence and its allies. On Friday, US non-profit thinktank the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance tweeted: “Chinese military aircraft simulated missile attacks on a nearby US aircraft carrier during an incursion into Taiwan’s air defence zone. This happened three days after Joe Biden’s inauguration, according to intelligence from the US and its allies.”

On January 23 the Chinese airforce sent 11 aircraft to the south-western corner of Taiwan’s air defence zone.

Taiwan’s defence ministry said China sent 15 aircraft into the same area the next day.

Taiwan claimed there has been increased air activity from China over its territorial region this week.

An intelligence report from the US said the Chinese bombers and fighter aircraft were conducting an exercise against the simulated target of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

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The USS Theodore Roosevelt was stationed in Taiwanese waters.

The aircraft carrier is part of the US Indo-Pacific Command and entered the South China Sea on January 23.

The Chinese H-6 bomber pilot cockpit conversations were intercepted by Taiwan and US intelligence that confirmed the simulated target was the US aircraft carrier.

The bombers were armed with anti-ship missiles.

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The US military’s Indo-Pacific Command released a statement about the USS Theodore Roosevelt that had recently entered the disputed area.

The statement said the US aircraft carrier “is on a scheduled deployment to the US 7th Fleet to ensure freedom of the seas”.

The statement added: “It will build partnerships that foster maritime security, and conduct a wide range of operations.”

China’s simulated attack in Taiwan’s proximity came days after Beijing ordered maritime drills in the South China Sea.

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Beijing ordered naval drills off the Leizhou Peninsula in the South China Sea. from Wednesday until coming Saturday.

The drills took place between Wednesday and Saturday.

China’s maritime safety administration banned entry into the region whilst the drills were taking place.

The Global Times, China’s state-run tabloid, reported this week that at least four military exercises had been held in the same waters of the South China Sea in the past three months.

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