DIGICORP Labs Launches DigiThree for Metaverse Ready Enterprise Solutions

DIGICORP Labs has joined forces with its strategic technology partner, ThreeFold Tech to launch  DigiThree. The team says DigiThree is designed to enable enterprises to streamline their operations with a powerful suite of quantum-safe, metaverse-ready blockchain-secured solutions.

DigiCorp’s DigiThree Now Live

At a time when experts have touted the metaverse as the next internet revolution, with a vast array of tech giants already scampering to put themselves at the forefront of this vision of the future, DigiCorp has launched a platform that will make it easier for businesses to create their own metaverse-ready solutions.

Dubbed DigiThree, the DigiCorp team says the platform is designed to help businesses accelerate and streamline digital transformation, implement highly-secure processes and take full advantage of decentralized technologies (Threefold grid and DigiByte blockchain) to improve their operations.

Developed in collaboration with DigiCorp’s strategic tech partner, ThreeFold Tech, the team has hinted that DigiThree is built upon the DigiMetaverse Grid and it offers enterprises the perfect transparent, accessible architecture for quantum-safe storage, data sharing, and communication. 

“DigiThree is built on a belief that the businesses of today and tomorrow have the right to carry out vital work in ways that are safe, secure, decentralized, scalable, and ready for the metaverse,” the team explains.

Powered by DigiByte

As reported by BTCManager on November 13, 2021, DigiCorp Labs announced the launch of its metaverse ecosystem, DigiMetaverse. Powered by the DigiByte network and the Threefold grid, the DigiMetaverse is an autonomous computing and Quantum-Safe File Storage (QSFS) utility that provides developers with a virtual ecosystem for the creation of decentralized applications and solutions for both enterprises and ordinary users.

Jozua Van Der Deijl, CEO of DigiCorp Labs said about the partnership:

 “The collaboration between DigiCorp Labs and ThreeFold Tech is a match made in Metaverse. The features of the ThreeFold grid combined with DigiByte blockchain technology generate all the necessary attributes for security, self-sovereignty and scalability, which are key elements needed for a decentralized metaverse.”

For those who are unaware, the DigiMetaverse is divided into three core sections: DigiThree, DigiLife, and DigiWare/DigiAcademy. DigiThree focuses on providing corporate enterprise metaverse solutions such as video conferencing, secure passwordless authentication via DGMV ID, and DGMV Password powered by DigiByte’s DigiID technology.

“Our Solutions use the DigiByte blockchain technology to secure processes and authentication and ensure all data can be audited or verified in real-time. This guarantees trust and transparency throughout while reducing the need for human intervention. All DigiThree solutions are decentralized and cloud-based, which means you can access them from anywhere via pay-as-you-go license model – no upfront investment required, just pay for what you use,” the team added. 

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