Proof-of-Work and Yield Farming: Binance and Poolin Launch Tokens Backed by Bitcoin Hashrate

There’s a new type of token gaining popularity in the crypto space with the launch of coins that are backed by a specific amount of proof-of-work (PoW) hashrate. On January 6, 2021, Binance launched a new project called the bitcoin standard hashrate token (BTCST), a coin that represents 0.1 terahash (TH/s). Furthermore, the mining operation Poolin has also revealed a hashrate token called pBTC35A and each token represents 1 TH/s hashrate with pre-determined SHA256 processing power.

Tokens Backed by Proof-of-Work

The Bitcoin (BTC) network has seen the protocol’s hashrate increase significantly during the last few weeks, despite the network mining difficulty being so high. There have also been substantial numbers of mining rigs added to the network in recent months and exchanges like Binance and Huobi have joined the mining fray.

With bitcoin mining showing significant upside potential, a couple of crypto industry heavyweights have introduced tokens backed by PoW hashrate. Last week, Binance unveiled a new project called the bitcoin standard hashrate token (BTCST), a coin that’s claimed to be backed by 0.1 terahash (TH/s).

“BTCST sets off to solve the problem of limited exit options by bringing exchange-grade liquidity to Bitcoin mining, and in secondary trading,” Binance announced last Wednesday. “BTCST will perform as a leveraged Bitcoin token free from liquidation risk. BTCST will create an efficient market for Bitcoin’s mining power in ways similar to how Grayscale Bitcoin Trust creates institutional liquidity for Bitcoin.”

The crypto trading exchange added:

BTCST is collateralized by 0.1 TH/s of real-world Bitcoin mining power, which is historically proven to be positively correlated to the performance of the digital gold, and hence the value of BTCST climbs along with the current skyrocketing Bitcoin market.

Poolin Launches the Mars Project, Binance PoW Token Audited

However, Binance is not the only business looking to offer a PoW mining token as the mining operation Poolin has also introduced the Mars Project. On January 11, 2021, Poolin tweeted “Join the first Ethereum-based standardized hashrate protocol, earn wBTC and LP reward. Infinite possibility when PoW mining steps into [an] Ethereum smart contract,” the mining pool further said. Currently, Poolin is the fifth largest bitcoin pool capturing around 9.4% or 14 exahash per second (EH/s) today.

The Poolin minted ERC-20 token is called pBTC35A and the company says each coin is backed by the firm’s PoW hashrate. “The protocol consists of pBTC35A tokens and [the] MARS token,” Poolin’s announcement explains. “Each pBTC35A token represents 1TH/s hashrate with a pre-determined power ratio, mining rigs would be in Poolin Superhashrate’s custody during life cycle. While net profit on wBTC would be distributed per block.”

Poolin says the first batch will be “50,000 pBTC35A (approximately 50PH/s) tokens for Bitcoin (output with wBTC) mining in this protocol and locks up more than 50PH/s machines physically.” Poolin notes that people can obtain the tokens using the inhouse shop ((Basic KYC needed) or via the token’s Uniswap contract. The company further detailed that Ethereum and other PoW mineable coins will be also created, but Poolin doesn’t have a confirmed schedule.

According to Binance Launchpool, the PoW token (BTCST), the organization recently launched has also passed an audit from the blockchain security company Certik, and scored a “98 out of 100 in a security audit.” Users will be able to stake BNB, BUSD, and BTC in separate pools in order to farm BTCST tokens, Binance Launchpool also said.

“Compared to conventional cloud mining, BTCST portrays the decentralized spirit of blockchain, with all mining rewards distribution done by smart contracts that are onchain with full transparency,” Alex Zhao, the cofounder, and CTO of BTCST said last week.

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