TEEB Health Taps RSK Blockchain and NFTs for Digital Identity Management

TEEB Health has adopted the Bitcoin network-powered RSK blockchain platform and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for its digital identity management processes. The RSK blockchain is fast gaining traction in the crypto-verse thanks to its high security, scalability, and easy smart contracts deployment.

TEEB Adopts RSK and NFTs 

At a time when patients are increasingly becoming concerned over how their medical records are stored and used by health care service providers, TEEB Health, a decentralized healthcare ecosystem is aiming to give back patients total control over their private medical data through distributed ledger technology (DLT).

There have been countless times when health care practitioners have deceived patients into believing that their health records were kept safe and confidential, whereas, this sensitive information is being sold to third-party organizations without the permission of the patients themselves.

Now, TEEB Health has integrated the RSK blockchain and NFTs into its digital identity management processes, to make unauthorized tampering and sale of patients’ personal medical records a thing of the past.

A Tamper-Proof Digital Identity System

Fernando Pandeiro, the founder and CEO of TEEB,  says the platform uses a hybrid model: a combination of digital identity and NFTs to provide its users with more robust, secure, and tamper-proof identity management solutions.

The TEEB Health team has made it clear that patients’ health information is stored in the form of NFTs on the RSK distributed ledger. The NFTs represent the client and the ownership of their medical information. The owners of these clinical data will be able to decide on who gets access to these sensitive records and when they can gain such access.

The team says the NFTs take the form of digital assets on the TEEB platform, protecting the privacy of users’ health records, while also fostering interoperability across a vast array of networks. This way, patients and the real owners of the clinical records on TEEB Health have total control over their data and can decide to share it with companies or other entities of their choice in just a few clicks.

Diego Gonzalez Zaldivar, RSK Cofounder and IOVlabs CEO has hinted that the RSK team will provide the TEEB Health project with the technical support and assistance it needs to succeed in its mission to transform the medical records management ecosystem.

RSK claims to be the most secure smart contracts blockchain currently in existence, as it relies on the Bitcoin network hash rate for transaction processing, but it’s much more scalable than the latter and this has made RSK the network choice for budding blockchain projects in recent years. 

As reported by BTCManager last October, BullaNetwork, a blockchain project aiming to be the PayPal and Venmo of the crypto world tapped RSK for bankless peer-to-peer (P2P) and business-to-business (B2B) payments.

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