ZeroEdge Pre-ICO Almost Complete – Last Chance to Get Massive Bonus

The ZeroEdge token pre-sale is just about complete – but there’s still a few hours left for you to receive a massive 58% bonus on Zerocoin token purchases.

What is ZeroEdge?

ZeroEdge.Bet is a one-of-a-kind online gambling platform which uses the power of blockchain technology to offer 0% house edge casino games, commission-free sports betting exchange, and an open-source platform for constructing and running customized games. Anyone who wants to have their own online casino can with ZeroHedge.

ZeroEdge’s casino model is based on two things: Metcalfe’s Law and factual Bitcoin price growth. This means that holders of Zerocoin are able to do two things: play with equal odds against the house and watch their Zerocoin value increase as demand and adoption of the token increases.

Running on Zerocoins

What makes ZeroEdge stand out from the gambling crowd is its business model — which revolves around the Zerocoins (ZERO).

ZeroEdge’s business model is based on ZERO’s value and growth, as opposed to the revenue generated from a particular casino’s games. Every game on the platform runs on ZERO, which drives the entire ecosystem’s economy.

In essence, the bigger the network of users, the greater the network’s value becomes. For ZeroEdge, the more users are interested in playing 0% house edge games, the more in-demand the ZERO token becomes — and because ZERO has a limited supply, scarcity will always come into play.

Time is Running out to Join the Pre-sale

ZeroEdge’s Pre-ICO is live, but time is running out to take advantage of its limited time sales bonus.

As of press time, there are less than 14 hours to receive an absurdly generous 58% Pre-ICO bonus. However, the token sale has already reached 83% of its cap — and once that cap is reached, the sale ends.

Time is of the essence for those looking to invest in ZeroEdge. If you’d like to learn more, check out the project’s official website, where you can peruse the whitepaper, learn how everything works, and — of course — take advantage of a 58% Pre-ICO bonus.

Images courtesy of ZeroEdge.Bet

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