Zatoshi and HandCash sponsor UK darts player Jack Main

It’s official: Zatoshi is now a “sponzor”—and they’re doing it the Bitcoin SV (BSV) way.

On Thursday, Twitter user Zatoshi and Bitcoin wallet HandCash announced that they are throwing their support behind up-and-coming darts play Jack Main. The announcement came a day after Zatoshi tweeted he’s “looking forward to an announcement,” while Main teased “announcement tomorrow.”

As part of the sponsorship deal, Zatoshi told CoinGeek that the 24-year-old England darts player will be wearing the BSV logo alongside the HandCash logo “for the whole year as his main official sponsors.”

Main thanked his new sponsors, tweeting, “I am over the moon to announce new sponsors joining the team for this coming year…starting the year as we mean to go on in a positive and strong way! Looking forward to getting back to on the board and competing again!”

Bitcoin SV is well represented in elite sports: there’s Scottish football club Ayr United FC, who’s been wearing the BSV logo on their kit since 2019. Bitcoin SV also previously sponsored the International Professional Pool Association’s (IPA) Bitcoin SV Premier League, which was broadcast live on FreeSports.

One of Main’s new sponsors, HandCash has been working towards making Bitcoin “easy to use for everyone.” It recently released its HandCash Connect SDK, paving the way for developers to “create better apps, faster.”

Zatoshi is known in the Bitcoin ecosystem for his popular giveaways, which he says is part of an initiative to educate the world about Bitcoin. Zatoshi also operates, a website that introduces people to Bitcoin SV. He also founded ZBanknotes, a platform that allows users to buy rare and collectible banknotes, and those who pay with BSV get a significant discount.

In a recent interview with CoinGeek, Zatoshi said, “We in the Bitcoin community have to do our best in teaching people more about BSV and the fact it the true and only Bitcoin that works, and works well.”

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