This Is the Most Popular Job Held by Women

It is a sad truth that women have long faced gender discrimination in the workplace, being discouraged from pursuing some professions, finding the path to significant promotion blocked (the notorious “glass ceiling”) and being paid less than men for equal work. (Women are in the majority in 17 of the 25 lowest paying jobs in America.)

At the same time, women have undeniably made great inroads in some fields, and they have taken top posts in an increasing number of companies. Last year, in fact, saw the highest-ever percentage of women in CEO positions in America.

There are also fields in which women dominate. Education stands out, as does what are sometimes labeled the “caring professions” (like nursing and social work). In the most striking example, almost all preschool and kindergarten teachers are women.

To pick the most popular job that is held almost exclusively by women, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Current Population Survey. Miscellaneous occupations and jobs with fewer than 2,000 female workers were not considered.

In fields where women remain underrepresented, there may be factors other than gender discrimination at play. Some areas of endeavor offer more flexibility and better work-life balance than others do, and some may offer more career satisfaction. Helping a child with a speech disorder may be more rewarding than digging a hole in the ground, whether you are a man or a woman.

Also bear in mind that some jobs held mostly by women, such as registered nurse, are highly skilled and well paid.

The most popular job held by women is preschool and kindergarten teachers. The median annual earnings for full-time workers is $37,492, and 99.8% of the workforce is female. That is, out of a total of 412,000 teachers, 411,000 are female.

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