Bitcoin Cash [BCH] becomes biggest weekly gainer after XRP; bull market takes charge

The cryptocurrency market has been on a bullish trend over the past 24-hours with several cryptocurrencies seeing a massive surge in prices. Bitcoin Cash [BCH] which has been gaining consistently throughout the week has been revealed to be the biggest gainer among the top ten cryptocurrency club.

The cryptocurrency had gone up by a staggering 34.7% in a period of seven days leaving all the other coins in the dust. Bitcoin Cash was closely followed by XRP which was on a remarkable bullish rise, gaining 24.22% in 7 days.

Bitcoin Cash was also in the news recently when Ryan X Charles, the Chief Executive Officer of Money Button spoke about the much talked about BCH hardfork and the overall price hike of Bitcoin Cash. The Money Button official also spoke about how the company will operate on two chains with the added advantage of supporting wallets that do not support the split. He stated:

“There’ll end up being two block chains but three transaction histories. There’s a transaction history that’s valid only on ABC, there’s a transaction history that’s valid only on SV, and then there’s a transaction history that’s actually valid on both chains simultaneously. That is what we’re going to be on, will be on the transaction history that is unified.”

The fourth largest cryptocurrency also bamboozled users when it was announced that BCH can be sent to a address as a step to feed chickens. The initiative was also appreciated by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong who stated: “This is pretty great- I just fed some chickens with crypto”.

User Joel Dalais on Twitter said:

“urm.. @SpencerLambert i might’ve just accidentally sent £51 instead of 51 pence! check they dont get overfed! it’s kind of emptied the chicken feeder!”

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