Blockchain Platform Ontology Joins Forces with Highly Reputable Firms to Serve Clients Better

The Ontology decentralized public multi-chain platform has announced its strategic partnership deals with Tembusu Partners, Accomplice, Hashed and Onchain, in a bid to take its blockchain project to the next level.

The Ontology team has hinted that the partnership will enable them to create more blockchain-based applications, incubate startups, build a new generation of highly functional public blockchains and a distributed trust system.

Tembusu Partners has been around since 2006. It is a highly reputable private equity firm with deep roots in Asia. Its headquarters is in Singapore. The firm understands the Asian market terrain very well.

Its partnership with Ontology will enable both firms to develop the Southeast Asian markets.

The Chairman of Tembusu Partners, Andy Lim said that:

“Tembusu Partners is delighted to cooperate with Ontology to develop the blockchain market in the South East Asian region. This blockchain technology will disrupt many industries and create significant growth just as the internet did twenty years ago.”

Accomplice is venture capital firm that funds startups in the blockchain ecosystem. Its headquarter is in Boston and San Francisco. The firm has supported several startups in recent times, some of which include AngeList, CoinList, Carbon Black, DraftKings and many others.

The firm has also championed a community approach via firms like Spearhead, BOSS, Rev and several others.

Accomplice and Ontology will work together in to strengthen technical advocacy. It will also help Ontology spread its tentacles to other nations, especially the United States and Israel.

Hashed is a credible blockchain company, based in South Korea. It focused on building communities, accelerating projects and many other activities. It has formed partnerships with several blockchain firms all over the globe. The company also has a hand in the success of South Korea’s largest wallet provider, CoinManager.It also organizes a blockchain meetup known as “Hashed Lounge,” as well as a blockchain-related journal called Hashed Post.

Hahed will assist the Ontology platform to expand its reach in South Korea and Northeast Asia.

Onchain is a tech firm focused on research, development, and operation of highly functional blockchain systems.

Onchain has developed quite many blockchain projects for banks, fintech firms, brokerage firms and others. It’s also in charge of the Ontology blockchain system and several others.

About Ontology

As stated earlier, Ontology is a high-grade public multi-chain and a distributed trust collaboration network. Ontology offers high-performance blockchains and smart contracts.

Ontology supports collaboration with numerous chain networks and protocol groups.

It will continually create common modules on the underlying blockchain for different distributed scenarios and use cases.

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