Buying NFTs: Sources to watch in 2023

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NFTs have risen in popularity during the last few years, and many investors wonder how to find NFTs to buy. Nowadays, NFT marketplaces are full of NFT collections that differ in popularity. So, how should investors find a prosperous NFT collection? What are the most reliable sources to follow and keep updated with the NFT market in 2023? Let’s answer these questions in detail.

How to recognize the best NFT collections in 2023?

With the increasing number of NFT collections available in the market, it seems necessary for users to follow sources or tools that help them better understand the nature and future of an NFT collection and find the best NFTs to buy.

Also, investors may find themselves interested in upcoming NFT projects, especially if they desire to take advantage of their investment. Either way, investors need to spend time online to find and check sources that can help them with their news or advice. In the following, we provide a list of the most important sources to make a successful investment in NFTs.

Keep in mind NFTs are a highly speculative and relatively new market, and the value of any NFT can be extremely volatile. There can be no assurance that any NFT will increase in value or be successful. Before buying NFTs, you should thoroughly research the specific NFT and the team behind it, as well as consult with a licensed financial advisor. Investing in NFTs may result in a partial or complete loss of your investment. Our website and its content do not constitute a solicitation, recommendation or endorsement of any NFT or any specific NFT project. We strongly advise you to conduct your own research and due diligence before making any investment decisions.

NFT news websites

NFT news websites are full of the latest news about the market. They inform their readers about the latest development and updates in the NFT market and provide information and critics about the upcoming NFT collections, the teams behind them and their roadmaps. 

Some NFT news sites even offer the trend of the week or month. They provide information about the most successful NFT collection. If you are planning to invest in NFTs, make sure you follow NFT news sources to know about the latest changes in the NFT market.

Social media

NFT collections are widely supported by their fans and holders on social media. Applications such as Twitter and Instagram are full of accounts that provide news and updates as well as rumors about NFT collections. Twitter is beneficial for learning about the latest changes or updates in NFT market. There are also Discord servers that serve to create NFT communities. Discord rooms are crowded with NFT holders and NFT developers. Here, investors can get lots of ideas about the background as well as the future of an NFT collection. If you wish to invest in an NFT collection, you will keep updated in Discord rooms related to your favorite project.

Rarity tools

It is always essential to determine the value of an NFT. You may already know that the most valuable NFTs are the rarest ones. But is it possible to check the rarity of an NFT? Yes! Investors can use rarity tools to determine how rare and valuable an NFT is. Good examples of these tools are and

NFT marketplaces

NFT marketplaces are where you can buy and sell your NFTs. Knowing these markets also helps you, as an investor, learn more about a given NFT collection. NFT markets such as OpenSea and Coinbase NFT cover all types of NFTs available in the market and are loaded with the newest NFT collections. It allows you to compare prices and check total project investment volume. However, other NFT marketplaces such as Sorare and aim to cover the rarest or certain types of NFTs, like music NFTs. We advise our readers to learn as much as possible about the information NFT marketplaces provide to them.

NFT giveaways

One of the most popular ways to recognize newly- minted NFT collections is to check for NFT giveaways. Most project owners distribute tokens to promote new NFTs. In fact, NFT giveaways encourage new users to join the platform and become a member of social media and discord channels to receive the latest news about the collection. 

How to buy in NFT projects in 2023?

Once you find a proper NFT collection, there are a few steps to take to own your desired NFT. All users require a crypto wallet to hold their NFTs. Your crypto wallet must be linked to the NFT marketplace you plan to purchase your desired NFT. Then, you must check the conditions in the NFT marketplace you choose. You must check for gas fees and royalty terms provided in the smart contract. 

Also, you should check for the cryptocurrency required for the purchase. Fill your crypto wallet before you submit your request to buy your desired NFT.

After completing your purchase, your new digital asset is automatically added to your crypto wallet in a short time. If you are a newcomer to the NFT market, try starting with user-friendly NFT markets such as OpenSea. Read all terms and conditions before clicking the “buy” button. It is a win-win choice.

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