Data Vendor dxFeed Reports 33pct Increase in 2020 Revenues

Market data provider, dxFeed said its revenues grew 33 percent year-over-year in 2020. The subsidiary of Devexperts did not reveal exact numbers but said it continued its five-year revenue growth trend and managed to post a total of over 400% increase since January 2016.

dxFeed shared a few details about its operational metrics, with daily operations now supporting more than 6 million end-users through direct and B2B2C relationships. Other milestones in 2020 include entering the retail market, expanding the company’s product portfolio and presence in five new locations worldwide. In 2021, the firm plans to add additional market surveillance, analytics and calculated data services.

“As a whole, the global financial industry has experienced extremely tough times during the last five years – especially in 2020 – and we are extremely proud to announce that dxFeed has shown strong, double-digit growth year-over-year in each of the past five years. We’ve had our challenges but have used this time to enter new markets, which hold potential growth opportunities and focused on refining our offerings to meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace,” said Oleg Solodukhin, CEO of dxFeed.

dxFeed is specializing in providing data on equity options, equities, futures, indices, mutual funds and FX from multiple exchanges worldwide. The data vendor is a daughter company of trading technology provider, Devexperts.

dxFeed Reveals 5th Generation of Market Data Platform

Most recently, the firm launched the fifth generation of its cloud market data platform, which provides buy-side and sell-side institutions with access to real-time price information.

The upgraded platform caters to business needs of brokers, banks, institutional and algorithmic trading clients. Specifically, it unifies access to market data feeds from a variety of global exchanges and delivers streaming, tick-by-tick data in a consolidated format, accessible via APIs with low latency.

dxFeed data bundles, which include depth of market data along with bid/ask and traded volume information, now incorporates solutions for the storage and retrieval of historical data. Its interface offers insights into the behavior of other market participants, which influence the price movement, and allows users to analyze the historical order book evolution, track DOM liquidity and HFT algorithms.

“With hands-on management taking charge on all fronts, dxFeed carried out sustainable growth activities in 2020 in the areas of revenue growth, new lines of business, new market segment entrance (retail, exchanges), a new presence in countries, hiring new talent in various critical functions, and other key business operations,” Solodukhin added.

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