GIFcoin’s Advisory Comprises Top-notch Cryptocurrency Experts

The cryptocurrency industry is no different from other industry segments, except for the use of a revolutionary technology to get things done in a more efficient manner. It has been proven by the rise of cryptocurrency based online gambling platforms. VitalBet is one such platform that was launched in 2015 as just another gambling website. But the platform, realizing the changing landscape with the introduction of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies decided to adopt the new payment method early in the game. But, that’s not the end as the platform continues to look for new ways to stand apart from the rest.

Now, the platform has taken another step further to create a Gambling Investment Fund. GIF, in short, the investment fund is powered by GIFcoin tokens, which is an ERC20 crypto asset. The platform is raising the capital for the investment fund by organizing a crowdsale where anyone can purchase the platform’s GIFcoin tokens. The funds thus raised will be used to create a much more robust VitalBet 2.0 platform, along with mobile apps and lots of other exciting offerings.

GIFcoin holders, by way of possessing the tokens and supporting the growth of VitalBet stand to receive a portion of the revenues generated by the platform. This revenue share model in an already operational project makes it an attractive option for those who are keen on participating in crowdsale.

In order to ensure success, the GIFcoin team is not leaving any stone unturned. In addition to their own firsthand experience operating an online gambling site, they are using all the help and guidance they can get to create a global leader in online betting. Guiding GIFcoin is a strong advisory team, made up of top-notch cryptocurrency and blockchain experts.

These advisors, coming from diverse backgrounds have one thing in common. Their connection to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology at one stage or another. Starting with entrepreneurs like Stefan Stefanov, Nikolay Shkilev and Mofassair Hussain, who have started multiple successful ventures in the past, the advisory board includes a lawyer, top strategists, marketing and management experts and investment bankers.

Stefan is an eminent growth hacker known for operating one of the best marketing agencies in the world. Similarly, Hussain is a Chartered Management Accountant and the founder of Perhalic, member of the Israeli Blockchain Association, Ambassador to Humaniq and a lot more. Shkilev is another entrepreneur with multiple successful and profit-making startups under his belt.

Reuben Godfrey is a versatile advisor who has donned many hats. He has worked in the past in business development, sales, and other finance and operation roles. Ricky Tapia and Tyler Sanford are big in strategy, analysis, public relations and other relevant areas that when done right can turn any crowdsale into a success.

And then there is Rumen Slavchov – an investment banker who has experience in both mainstream and cryptocurrency investing and knows the market better than most people. Vladimir Nikitin brings the legal perspective to the project, which is much needed due to the industry segment and nature of the business.

The dream team of advisors, combined with a dedicated team of professionals working on the platform has turned the GIFcoin token sale into an event that can’t be ignored. Those interested in being part of the initiative can find more information about the project at –

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