How Chat GPT Could Be Used to Boost Blockchain

Chat GPT is a new AI-based chatbot that’s becoming the next big thing. People are using it for many things including writing content and editing material they’ve already completed.

Chat GPT Is Getting Bigger and Bigger

In a recent headline, it was announced that Chat GPT was utilized to compose Biden’s latest State of the Union speech. Apparently, the man’s brain is melting so much he’s incapable of picking up a pen and putting his thoughts on paper or typing them up on a computer. He needs a machine to do all the work for him… No wonder the country has gone to hell.

In any case, the new Chat GPT bot is getting a lot of attention from cryptocurrency players. Many analysts and traders are wondering if the item is going to garner enough interest that it somehow outshines bitcoin and the many other digital currencies that are currently the center of so much hype and hoopla.

Justin Sun – the man behind the TRON blockchain – says he believes Chat GPT could ultimately be used to enhance crypto in some way. In a recent interview, he said that it was on the verge of creating an AI-based decentralized payment framework. He commented:

This framework will realize a decentralized payment system that is secure, trustworthy, tamper-proof, anti-censorship, and capable of AI, helping people build a new decentralized, intelligent financial ecosystem.

To cover the expenses of the new payment system, Chat GPT announced it was going to be charging a $20 monthly subscription to all users. These subscription fees would cover computing costs and ultimately make the software available and free to all by late November of this year. Sun further mentioned:

By combining AI technology with the security and efficiency of blockchain, AI developers can maximize their potential. [The] TRON blockchain can provide the best infrastructure support for Open AI, Chat GPT, and all AI developers by leveraging its robust blockchain payment system.

While Sun is extremely excited about what’s going to be done in the future, there were many crypto skeptics that took to Twitter and other social media platforms to complain about the plans and to suggest an outcome of gloom and doom. Among the haters was writer Jacob Silverman, who recently co-wrote an anti-crypto book with “O.C.” actor Ben McKenzie. He wrote in a recent post:

Incredible thread merging all the latest tech and crypto jargon.

Not Everyone’s Enthused

Sheila Warren – chief executive of Crypto Council for Innovation – explained that she feels Chat GPT is overhyped, and that it’s not likely to accomplish all its fans think it will. She commented that it’s a lot like crypto’s early days where people thought it could do anything. She said:

That is not true yet, and it may never be true.

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