Monero News: Introduces 2 BTC Limit Following Tor.Onion Withdrawal

It’s been reported a while ago that the popular eliminate Tor.onion domain which left a lot of crypto enthusiasts disappointed.

Now, the latest news is circulating on Reddit, claiming that will be soon introducing 2 BTC limit and the news brings more disappointment.

Atomic swaps needed ASAP

“ introduces 2 BTC Limit months after withdrawing tor .onion domain
How long until mandatory KYC?” the post reads.

The post on Reddit continues and notes that “We need atomic swaps, yesterday. Without it, we are reliant on centralized exchanges that get hacked, mistreat our data.” is an online service that allows you to make anonymous payments via the popular XMR.

You send Monero to and the company manes a BTC payment in your name after that.

Monero is already known as one of the most anonymous cryptos that are available today. While other coins have made it difficult to hide payments, XMR is becoming the preferred choice of the darknet and more online marketplaces where anonymity is vital. adds more anonymity to a transaction.

Bitcoinexchangeguide notes the simple process via which you can transfer money with

“Step 1) Enter the bitcoin address you want to pay, then enter the amount you wish to send. Hit the “Create” button.
Step 2) will tell you how many Monero tokens you need to send.
Step 3) Once receives your tokens, they’ll make your requested bitcoin payment.”

Anyway, the reaction to the post shared on Reddit above did not fail to come. Check out below what a Redditor had to say about the news:

The need for atomic swaps

As we were reporting not too long ago, atomic swaps are the silver bullet to KYC/AML.

During an atomic swap, a third-party service, such as crypto exchange, is not required. This means two individuals can exchange directly with one another, with full control over the exchange.

Atomic swaps have serious potential and could play a key role in the next generation of crypto trading.

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