SEC Under Scrutiny After Ripple vs. SEC Case

Recently, there has been a surge in information regarding the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and its internal operations, particularly in light of the judgment delivered in the Ripple Vs SEC case. Numerous analysts and crypto enthusiasts have brought attention to perceived flaws within the system and have raised questions about the SEC’s internal practices. The latest development involves crypto influencer, Mr. Huber, who has shared a conversation between Ripple’s attorney and the former SEC Chair, William Hinman. Let’s explore the details. 


Ripple Attorney’s Inquiry and Dig at Former SEC Chair Hinman 

In a recent tweet, Mr. Huber shared what appears to be a conversation between Ripple’s attorney and the former SEC Chair, William Hinman. During the exchange, Ripple’s attorney asked Hinman if Clayton had requested Hinman to communicate with ConsenSys, a client of Clayton’s firm, regarding the Ethereum free pass. The SEC attorney intervened and prevented Hinman from responding to the question.

Furthermore, Mr. Huber directed critical questions at Marc Fagel, the former Regional Director of the SEC’s San Francisco Regional Office. He questioned how Mr. Fagel could idly stand by and overlook what seems to be a cover-up, and even mock those who seek an investigation into the SEC’s interactions with Ethereum’s suspected wrongdoers. Mr. Huber expressed concern about the integrity of any former SEC official who supports such actions.

In another tweet Mr. Huber has taken a dig at Hinman and questioned him if Joseph Lubin who is the co-founder of Ethereum thanked him for his speech on Ethereum. 

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