SpiderDAO June Development Recap – Project Updates and New Partnership Announcements

As part of the SpiderDAO team’s efforts toward bringing fast, safe, secure, transparent, and decentralized VPN services to the masses, SpiderDAO is pleased to announce the following corporate and enterprise partnerships and updates that will help bring a new set of capabilities, strategic synergies, and technological competencies to the SpiderDAO ecosystem.


Bugzilla is a bug reporting portal that features a user-friendly interface where dedicated beta testers can report issues of any kind with the SpiderDAO project, such as coding bugs or missing or defective features.

A wide range of issues can be reported, such as Android and iOS app and UI functionality, router functionality, router DAO, issues with the SpiderVPN website, and staking.

Existing beta testers can access a dedicated Telegram channel where they can provide the SpiderDAO team with direct comments and requests. New testers are invited to apply via Telegram and they can download the firmware here.

Substrate 3.0 Upgrade on Polkadot

Parity Technologies recently released the latest version of its blockchain framework called Substrate. This is the third version of the software, and it is quickly becoming the template of choice for blockchain developers, particularly as Polkadot’s interoperable blockchain ecosystem gains widespread adoption.

SpiderDAO, by integrating with Substrate, will enjoy increased flexibility, higher efficiency gains, and will enhance the integration of SpiderDAO’s technology and applications within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Lead Wallet

Lead Wallet is a decentralized multi-cryptocurrency application that allows users to control how they spend, store, and manage their funds. SpiderDAO’s partnership with Lead Wallet will bring SpiderDAO’s LaU (Liquidity as Utility) program to Lead’s users and the SPDR tike will be included as one of Lead Wallet’s initial launch tokens when their platform rolls out in the near future.


SpiderDAO also recently partnered with YOP to bring SpiderDAO’s LaU program to YOP’s users.

YOP uses a proprietary yield optimization protocol to create an all-in-one custom-built yield optimization platform. It makes it easy for users to access yield markets and also gives users control, custody, insights, and flexibility when managing their investments and assets, all in one comprehensive application.

Idavoll Network

By partnering with Idavoll, SpiderDAO’s LaU program will open to Idavoll users and will enable them to benefit significantly by staking $IDV to receive additional Spider VPN rewards once the platform is launched.

As a decentralized organization platform, Idavoll Network provides infrastructure and services to users of the Idavoll Network and Polkadot ParaChains. It can be used to create organizations and uses transferable tokens to represent ownership of the organization. Membership organizations and reputation-based organizations based on reputation-weighted voting can also be created.


Finally, SpiderDAO has partnered with Kattana. Kattana aims to build a next-generation trading terminal for DEXs to provide reliable, professional, intuitive, and fast trading tools to novice and professional traders. It aims to be the go-to application for DeFi because it is built by traders for traders.

Together, Kattana and SpiderDAO can expedite the mass adoption of DeFi, decentralized platforms, and secure VPN services that work better than existing, centralized alternatives.

For SpiderDAO’s LaU partnerships with Lead Wallet, YOP, Idavoll Network, and Kattana, users can access premium SpiderDAO VPN services by staking the native tokens ($LEAD, $YOP, $IDV, or $KTN, respectively) when the LaU programs go live.

Stay tuned to SpiderDAO development updates here and learn more about the SpiderDAO vision for a fast, secure, and decentralized internet infrastructure here.

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