Top 3 Price Analysis BTC, ETH, XRP: Ethereum to Usurp Bitcoin

A fresh day in the digital currency market where different remarks on the significant situation that is currently happening stand out.

After many periods of reducing volatility and increasing boredom, on Monday there were trends that could turn into great failures in the hours to come. 


As we can observe, at this time there is an early upward break. Though it’s not significant to validate the indication and would be thankful for some forcefulness to attest the moment. The duo wouldn’t go into strong mode until it overtakes the price level of 0.037 ETH/BTC and has as its chief objective 0.047 ETH/BTC. 


The graph shows scenarios of soars in the entire digital currency market until the chief objective is accomplished. 

BTC/USD 240-Min 

BTC/USD is now changing hands at a $6,557 price level, a -1,13% change, which is slightly above the moving averages (MAs). The optimism for the giants is that this moment the price brakes at the big first support and we can observe a change of speed in the BTC/USD. 

Above the latest price, the first resistance is at the $6,816 price level. The next resistance level is $6,875 where BTC/USD would be nearing the long-term bearish movement line at the $6,975 price level. 

Below the latest price, a strong first support exists at the $6,558 price level. In theory, the price should reach here, but we could observe an extension up to the $6,487 price level and a second support level at $6,200. 


ETH/USD 240-Min 

ETH/USD is now (at press time) changing hands at a $226 price level, a -1.08% change, and is above the MAs. The MAs are largely concentrated than the BTC/USD, therefore the support can be even higher. 

Above the latest price, ETH/USD has significant space to reach the next resistance level at $270. The principle indication of a significant stretch would be for the ETH/USD to solidify at this level and the next resistance price level at $290 and finally $305. 

Below the latest price, ETH/USD has a big support region stretching from $226 to $217. It is very hard for ETH to lose away this support, but if at all it happens the second level of support is at $195 and the third at $170 before free fall. 


XRP/USD 240-Min 

XRP/USD is now changing hands at the $0.467 price level, a -2,56% change. On Monday, it didn’t respond to the climb like BTC or ETH but XRP is in another scenario. XRP is still in the consolidation area, but it’s ending it. 

Above the latest price, the aims and hurdles are somewhat clearer. The trend’s target is $0.8, which implies that the bearish trend would go upwards. The chief resistance levels are $0.55, $0.60 and $0.77. 


Below the latest price, there are several supports with an important level at $0.46. In principle, losing this mark would cancel the significant scenario and fall the XRP/USD with chances into another area of weakness, and the second important critical level at $0.425.

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