Traders Can Now Bet on 'Bitcoin $300K' as Options Keep Pace With Rising Price

Traders can now bet on whether bitcoin will hit $300,000 by year’s end.

  • Crypto derivatives exchange Deribit has added a $300,000 option to keep up with BTC’s blistering price performance in recent weeks.
  • The $200,000 option came into being late last week after bitcoin rose from $25,000 on Dec. 25 to $32,000 on Jan. 2.
  • Six days later – with bitcoin currently north of $39,000 and having risen to as high as $41,962.36 earlier Friday – the maximum option followed suit.
  • Even with the bullishness driving bitcoin’s rally, there’s only so high folks are willing to climb, as you can see from the following picture of open positions on Deribit’s website.
  • Other than one optimistic soul wagering that $200,000 this year could be a real thing, there’s been no activity at any strike above $100,000.

  • Generally, options indicate how some of the market’s more sophisticated traders are gauging current price trends.
  • Hope may spring eternal but apparently, even hope has a ceiling.

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