Uberstate CEO Headlines Major Sponsor Event at World Blockchain Summit in Dubai

Educative, enthralling, and mouth-watering experience was the summary of the 2021 World Blockchain Summit in Dubai. The event, which was graced by industry experts, venture capitalists, business moguls, exhibitors, and so on, was one-of-a-kind.

It was an emotional and special night for Uberstate, as the blockchain solution was opportune to headline the sponsored event this year.

Uberstate: Redefining Banking for Cryptocurrency Use

Uberstate is a blockchain solution that unlocks the full potential of cryptocurrency use. With the mobile app, users are allowed to spend with their cryptos, buy, and transfer in a convenient way that’s never been seen before.

Not only does it allow users to buy and spend their digital assets on profit-generating portfolios, but it also provides crypto custody services. Users can store their BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies.

Interestingly, Uberstate pays users up to 2% monthly on their investments with zero capital risks.

Uberstate understands the challenges users go through with traditional exchanges, especially centralized exchanges that don’t have a liquidity pool.

Uberstate is always there to service the needs of customers, be it midnight or the early hours of the morning, thanks to its limitless liquidity pool. It is a liquidity provider for various use cases in digital assets.

As a leader in banking for cryptocurrency use, Uberstate opens a world of endless opportunities for its members. It connects users to profit-driven DeFi markets to maximize return on investments. 

Uberstate’s World Blockchain Summit: The Gains

Uberstate CEO Jess Davis and his team were present in arguably the biggest event of the year in the blockchain industry.

Davis and his team were opportune to share with the world the amazing benefits of using Uberstate and its mission to redefine banking for cryptocurrency use.

Fortunately, the team exhibited the use of the Uberstate app in purchasing and sending digital assets.

Exhibitors, venture capitalists, and investors were more than impressed with the scalability of the app and the team’s vision to provide banking services for crypto use 24/7.

Although the summit was the biggest news of the day, Uberstate wasn’t just in Dubai for the event. The CEO and his team received invitations and proposals from the Royal Office of Dubai for some business purposes.

The World Blockchain Summit is a two-day yearly event that showcases some of the world’s best blockchain projects.

Participants are opportune to interact with networks of foremost investors, top government agencies, enterprises, global crypto and blockchain influencers, and leading pioneers.

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