WIZZLE.io Gears Up for ICO Launch, Making Cryptos Accessible for Everyone

The blockchain era has finally arrived and with it has come a wave of innovation and solutions that have enabled a wider range of participation than ever before. This movement has also coincided with the rise of cryptocurrencies, which have for the first time allowed ordinary investors and market participants the opportunity to join and invest in growing projects.

Indeed, over the past year cryptos have surged to become a mainstream form of investment. In doing so, these instruments have found their way into nearly every industry, not just the financial services space. Subsequently, this demand has ushered in a wave of development and solutions that have helped drive this movement.

One such group is WIZZLE.io, which has leveraged its expertise in both blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to create bank-in-a-box solutions. First and foremost, WIZZLE.io is aiming to make cryptos globally accessible to everyone via its initial coin offering (ICO). The group’s WIZZLE Infinity ICO will soon be underway, helping continue to spur the growth of the rapidly expanding WIZZLE Network and WIZZLE bank-in-a-box solution suite.

This stance was echoed by Mark Noorlander, CEO WIZZLE Global N.V, who stated: “Our goal is to make blockchain technology as accessible and simple as possible. We believe that a local presence is key to the adoption of blockchain technology so we have created an advanced platform, the WIZZLE bank-in-a-box, to provide users with a space where they can buy and sell tokens using well-known payment methods from around the world.”

Established industry background

WIZZLE was founded by Mark Noorlander and Walter Thoen, two industry experts who have been mainstays in a growing field. Over the past few years these two have helped organizations by launching several innovative blockchain solutions and kindling the development of numerous ICOs.

Through this experience, both individuals have learned the importance of eliminating barriers and logistical complexities associated with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. WIZZLE itself has succeeded as a standalone entity, breaking off from the group Flashboys back in 2017. Driven by growing customer engagement and a unified focus, WIZZLE has now pushed forward with its ICO and next stage of its development.

“We are committed to making WIZZLE into a trusted brand that is as simple as possible for anyone to use. We have financial solutions customized for both the consumer and the business sectors, and these are further supported by our Country Operators who receive our support, training and guidance as they establish local franchises,” explained Mr. Noorlander.

WIZZLE Infinity ICO looks ahead to next step

The WIZZLE Infinity ICO is instrumental to the project’s development and focuses on the introduction of the WIZZLE Infinity (WZI) token. This token can be utilized as a currency to pay for all services provided by WIZZLE or its partners. Interested participants or ICO investors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with WIZZLE’s whitepaper.

Presently, WZI tokens are available to purchase at a discount for a limited time, during the various ICO phases. Of note, these tokens will be made available to anyone globally, unless prohibited by local regulations.

WIZZLE’s comprehensive solutions suite is fully supported by a network of local franchises that are tailored to address local needs and provide targeted customer support. This includes the availability of the WIZZLE toolkit – anyone can take advantage of what cryptocurrencies have to offer, which critically does not limit participants who arrived first or the top 1 percent.

In terms of the project’s timeline, the Airdrop for WIZZLE Infinity ICO was already completed at the end of January, which saw approximately 50 million WZI tokens made available for free. WIZZLE’s Airdrop phase received more than 40,000 registrations in its first week. The phase was intended to attract the widest range of participants possible, which is on par with the project’s aim of facilitating the mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Last month however, the group also competed its token presale, which ended on February 28, 2018. During this phase, 1,500 million tokens were available for sale at a discounted rate of 50 percent. WIZZLE’s official ICO will launch on April 1, 2018 and will continue until April 13.

“By contributing to our ICO, you are taking part in a unique opportunity that will fund our growing network of franchises. The world is at the start of the blockchain era and this technology is set to ignite on a global scale. WIZZLE is ready to support its customers as they take advantage of everything that it has to offer,” explained Mr. Noorlander.

During this period, 500 million tokens will be sold at a 40 percent discount, with another 500 million tokens sold at a 30 percent discount. All remaining tokens will be sold at a 25 percent discount (2 billion cap).

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