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Influencers and SNS users from around the world can publish, discover, reserve, or sell inflationary the information of “social network media sharing economy” about acquisition / PR ambassador matching, on the Internet, mobile phone or tablet. PATRON (Patron) is a highly reliable marketplace that can deliver all at once to LIVE.

About Patron

● P A T R O N ver. prototype :

● What is PATRON?

Patron is the platform for supporting the influencers’ market. It’s provides influencers’ sharing economy. (model : Airbnb) Influencers and SNS users around the world will be able to post, discover and book social media sharing economy information on the internet and mobile tablet. PATRON is a highly reliable marketing place of influencers’ sharing economy, where the influencer’s SNS delivery frame are tokenized utilizing blockchain technology, Core Function of PATRON: 1. Sharing the influencer’s SNS delivery frame at the spot. (Pay every time) 2. Share an Influencer exclusively for several months (Pay monthly). 3. Acquire favorite influencers and monopolize (annual contract) In various cases as above it is possible to deploy various business on PATRON platform.


●Business Model

12 Sharing Economy No matter how advanced business model there are similar examples and precedents in the basic part. Experienced entrepreneurs learn from similarities and precedents, mimic the good points, do not make useless fights. In the patron, “the precedent is a verified hypothesis”, 90% take the initiative to learn from the successful case, We will carry out things to “leave the windows in the market with 10% novelty” Therefore, among patrons, among the many shearing economy platforms that exist, we created a sharing economy market system provided by Airbnb. And built the platform referring that system as developing model. “10% novelty and 90% success stories” “Make impossible, possible” rather than “cheap” “quick” The key to expanding the platform of the sharing economy is how to secure credibility in P2P (Peer to Peer) transactions. It is difficult for people to lend their property to someone unless trust between users is premised. It is easy to build credit if it is between friends, but once it becomes strangers worldwide, It is essential to build a new credit infrastructure utilizing technology. What is expected is the use of block chain technology. By using a block chain mechanism that does not require the existence of a third party institution that guarantees credit such as state or central bank Between individuals, it becomes possible to build trust based on past history of each other and to conduct transactions. Using the block chain technology, we are trying to build a new contract mechanism between individuals participating in the sharing economy on PATRON platform.



●Why PATRON is necessary?

We thought that it was necessary for PATRON to disclose the value of every influencer by money (price), and feed them. Influencers around the world can search and rank from rankings for each genre and field for each SNS and can communicate. PATRON is a sharing economy of influencers. However, PATRON does not aim only to realize the sharing economy. In other words, the advantage of using influencers is not just about PR and marketing. In short, PATRON is not the only marketing platform PATRON supervises a myriad of influencers scattered around the world, It is a combined service for influencers and followers that gathers a lot of followers who need the world’s most influential influencers. Who are the influencers? Is there really a benefit of using influencer sending power and influence? How much is the effect? How much profit will be expected if you engage influencers? What kind of thought do influencers have? What do they insist, or aiming for? And what kind of platform are they willing for PATRON to be? On the PATRON platform we pledge to resolve all these challenges.

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